What are the hardest PC games?

Dark Souls got the most mentions, with 14% saying it was the hardest game they've ever played. It was followed by Dark Souls 2, which took in about 5% of the results. From there, though, the results are immediately diverse, with shooters, platformers, puzzle games, strategy games, and MOBAs all bunched together. When I cut out jokes, console games, games with specific caveats, and those that received only one or two mentions, I was still left with over 70 games. (Here's my curated list of the top 77.)


Further down we find StarCraft II, STALKER, Insurgency, Alien Isolation, Kerbal Space Program, the Touhou series, VVVVVV, Volgarr the Viking, SpaceChem, Dustforce, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, and, of course, Bad Rats, a notoriously awful game which has accrued a positive rating on Steam, because ironic Steam reviews are all the rage.

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Tzuno1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I don't find dark souls hard at game-play, i find it retard at navigation i mean where to go and what to do, no marker on the map just random shit, even with that i beat it.

darren_poolies1211d ago

It's not really hard to figure out where to go, I don't think anyway.

Roccetarius1211d ago

Something like Dark Souls takes some thought to beat for sure, and a new player may be confused for a while as to where to go,

Is it a hard game? Not at all, and the example below of not beating Killzone makes me worried if they're designing games for that in the future.

DragonKnight1211d ago

You need a map to tell you where to go? Lol, scrub.

No but seriously, the game actually points you in the direction of where to go. You just have to pay attention to the landscape.

Man, if you think Dark Souls is confusing, I'd wager you never played Demon's Souls.

TheRedButterfly1211d ago

Played both. Dark Souls was better in every way. Demon's Souls literally teleported you to where you needed to go, then you progressed through the (mostly) linear level. Dark Souls had the more difficult "level" progression.

darren_poolies1211d ago

I don't find either confusing really but Demon's Souls is way less confusing than Dark Souls. Demon's Souls had 'levels' basically so it was very easy to know where to go.

DragonKnight1211d ago

Dark Souls is not better in every way. Just because you have a semi-open world (Dark Souls was just as linear as Demon's Souls, it just didn't have a hub world) doesn't mean Dark Souls is objectively better. Dark Souls had the more difficult "level" progression? Really? How so?

And how many of you immediately knew what to do with the various shards?

SolidGear31211d ago

I won't even touch Dark Souls. If I can't beat Killzone: Shadow Fall on Easy then I'm pretty sure I'd instantly fail at Dark Souls. I do actually plan on giving Bloodborne a try though.

DragonKnight1211d ago

"I won't even touch Dark Souls."

"I do actually plan on giving Bloodborne a try though."


SolidGear31211d ago

Well I had played Demon's Souls but didn't get too far. It's amazing I grew up on the NES.

darren_poolies1211d ago

You can't beat SF on easy?? Wat? I'd like to know what games you have beat then, if any haha.

SolidGear31211d ago

Well I've been gaming for 25 years. And I'm just as surprised as you (also very embarrassed) because I absolutely love the Killzone Trilogy. It's one point in Shadow Fall where you're covering the woman and wave after wave of enemies come and you have to lock random doors with the owl. The part where you go outside to lock a door is when I eventually get blasted and die repeatedly. I've tried several things but it's always the owl that gets shot before finishing or I get shot. I can at least boast by saying Catherine and Bayonetta were easy for me yet alot found them difficult.

darren_poolies1211d ago


Oh right haha fair enough. That part is annoying and we've all had those bits we get stuck on and can't understand why we're having trouble. I honestly recommend you try Dark Souls and Bloodborne, neither of them are half as hard as people make them out to be and they are two of the best games you will ever play.

BG115791211d ago

We even have Minesweeper at 19th place among 77 games!!!

ISHU1211d ago

Dark souls took me almost 54 hours to beat. But every minute of it was worth it.

darren_poolies1211d ago

I think my firs today though took me about 80 but 30ish of those was me invading people and being a b*stard basically haha.

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