ADG Plays Gears Of War Ultimate Edition “For The First Time”

Anthony "AntDaGamer" Dows of EGMNow & AntDaGamer(Blog) plays Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition "For The First Time"

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GearSkiN1208d ago

Can't wait imma play the hardest difficulty again.

DarkOcelet1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Gears UE looks impressive! Its been way too long since i played it. Good times...

Also dat Theme when the locusts enter is ****ing epic!

muzikjunkie801208d ago

this looks impressive for sure and a bargain at £30 for the standard edition

2cents1207d ago

The standard ultimate edition lol.

Deadlead1208d ago

One of rare times I'm actually impressed by one of these remasters. Maybe because there's actually been a substantial amount of time since its original release unlike most. Either way looks great.

Kingdomcome2471208d ago

They did an amazing job with this. The value is great as well with all four games included. I'm pretty excited to play this franchise for the first time.

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