Halo Community Update 8.21.15

Halo Blog:
With less than 10 weeks until the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, teams across the studio are working hard to put the final polish on maps, levels, animations, UI, and plenty more. Final decisions are being made on game settings, sandbox balance, and more. Personally, I walk around the studio (appearing as if I’m searching for something or someone very important), peeking over desks, and getting way too excited about things like new armor, Forge tools, and more yet-to-be-revealed goodness. To keep said goodness going, our beloved admin team hosted a studio-wide dinner featuring the rare but ever-popular breakfast for dinner offering, which lead to smiles, copious amounts of peanut-butter-Nutella-bacon pancakes, and (unsurprisingly) full stomachs all around. Only later did we realize that this effort was a ploy to confuse the studio about the time of day. Said ploy was successful. Thinking it was morning, some of us went back to work. Most of us passed out with food comas.

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