J-Stars Victory Vs+ Review – A Middling Fighter Lacking Depth or Substance | COG

COG writes: J-Stars Victory Vs+ is a fighter where you can play with your favorite manga/anime characters. If you are looking for some chewing gum for your brain, you have come to the right place.

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Paulhammer1187d ago

Such a strange cast of characters...

MRBIGCAT1187d ago

Must have a big following in Asia. I've never heard of this.

DanteVFenris6661187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

You mean Japan? Where all these characters were made. If your not a fan of anime of course you wouldn't have. Everyone I know that was an anime fan bought this day one. A great game for fans.

@paulhammer the list of characters isn't that strange. It's a bash of characters from jump manga

MercilessDMercer1187d ago

Can't be any weirder than some of the J-fighters I've tackled. Sounds about on par with quality though

TheColbertinator1187d ago

Mainly for fans of those shows. Crossovers don't often carry quality gameplay

Kalebninja1187d ago

The game is just not good. While fighting there are no subtitles so I have no idea what they're saying. Besides that the HUD is so cluttered and they are constantly yelling the entire fight. Good idea, poor quality. If they are going yo do this they need to get all the right characters and actually put more work into it rather then have some bullshit story of you fighting clones so they don't have to bother making enemies to fight.

KryptoniteTail1187d ago

It's better than Xenoverse at least.