Risen 3: Titan Lords - New Update Improves Textures & Draw Distance, Adds Physically Based Rendering

Piranha Bytes has released a new update for the PC version of Risen 3: Titan Lords.

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R6ex845d ago

I came here for the boobs ... you? LOL

ninjahunter845d ago

"Physical based rendering"

gif845d ago

Boobs enhanced edition

Sciurus_vulgaris845d ago

Risen 3: Tit lords, I swear that is what I read.

OhMyGandhi845d ago

"New state of the art post processing effects like bokeh depth of field and hdr bloom"

...what year is this?

pandehz845d ago

Shh dont ruin it. They don't know yet.

SolidGear3845d ago

State of the art, never before seen enhanced boob physics.

bOObies845d ago

2 guesses why I'm here...

DrumBeat845d ago

The left breast? The right breast?

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