SimCity is now just £3.99, but is it worth a look?

Dealspwn: Let's not beat around the bush, here - SimCity was an omnishambles. What promised to deliver a perfected city-building sim with online connectivity was beyond broken. It's such a shame, too, because the user interface is intuitive, the art style visually appealing, and the music an absolute triumph. It does enough to distract you for a good few hours, but even though it ultimately doesn't deliver, for £4 it's worth seeing the agonising potential that was there. Or, you know, you could put the money towards the infinitely better Cities: Skylines

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crazychris41241215d ago

Not really since Cities Skylines is 100x better. Yea it's $30 but you can build massive cities with mods and no Drm. Can't wait for the expansion on Sept 24.

Yi-Long1214d ago (Edited 1214d ago )

Agreed. It could and should have been so easy to make a success of SimCity, by basically just expanding on everything that made it such a great game, but instead they chose to ignore what all the fans wanted and chose to go with something nobody wanted, and which the fans clearly kept telling them again and again pre-release. The always online, the multiplayer, the small area to build in, etc etc.

EA & Maxis made their choice, and just screwed up big-time.

Luckily, someone else has stepped in, with respect for their product, the genre, and their customers, and has rightfully taken the throne as the new king of city-builders.

Very happy the game will also be hitting XBO and PS4 in the future.

pompombrum1214d ago

Are they actually making real expansions? I always wanted to try Cities however the last I heard from one of their latest releases, they were releasing expansions which were barely even adding anything and were getting blasted for it. I'll have to keep an eye out for the expansion though, I miss good sim games.

lento1214d ago

Get skylines. Thousands of mods, they released one free expansion that included new buildings and they said some expansions will be free. Love the game and huge recommend if you like city builders.

pompombrum1214d ago

I just bought it. Absolutely hate the direction EA took with it but for the price of a pint at my local, I'll get my money's worth.

traumadisaster1214d ago

I've never used dealspawn, is it safe to click on voucher? Is it for Europe only?

pompombrum1214d ago

They're a news website, it's that is doing the deal and I imagine it's a worldwide thing. I didn't have any issues anyhow and was able to pay with paypal for added security.