Rainbow Six : Vegas Auto-Update

The Rainbow Six : Vegas Auto-Update has been released. Addressing a number of bugs in the single and multiplayer modes, the patch has been requested by gamers for a while now, and it's certainly nice to see a company supporting a game after release...

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THWIP4360d ago

Thats a lot of BUGS! 0_o I'm about 30% done with the SP, with no problems AT ALL; thankfully, I haven't tried the MP yet.

This is easily one of the best games on the 360....waaaaay better than GRAW and SC:DA ; I'm glad Ubi is working hard to make the overall experience the best it can be.

JPomper4360d ago

Yay for bug fixes.

Boo for removing proximity voice.

THWIP4360d ago

...I'm GLAD they removed it. Halo 2 sucked online, largely because of the crappy voicechat set-up (and the "sitting out" when you died).

THWIP4360d ago

Dude...the games only been out for THREE WEEKS. 0_o

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4360d ago

a thought, check the freaking game for bugs before you release it!

xXbebofisherXx4360d ago

im happy now cuz when i rented this game this monday i had to deal with teleporting ppl and all sorts of weird things. happy they updated. it was a big update too it took forever.

also this is the gaming world man nothing ever gets checked for bugs and stuff. its called a deadline