Ranking the Best and Worst of the Call of Duty Series

"So with the latest installment in this incredible series coming soon, it made sense to take a stroll through memory lane, and rank the Call of Duty series from best to worst."

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76erz241211d ago

If I had to rank my top 5 i'd go:

2)Cod 4
3)Black Ops 2
4)Advanced Warfare
5) Black Ops

The majority of players pick COD 4 because of how innovative and ground breaking it was at the time but i think MW2 hold up superior. To me MW2 was modern warfare + basically refining and expanding on all the ideas of the original. The original MW may be more iconic but I prefer almost everything from a gameplay and mode perspective in MW2

USMC_POLICE1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Dam you put aw over any cod pre cod4 lol
I'd do
1) cod 2
2) cod 3
3) big red one
4) cod 4
5) black ops 1

gangsta_red1211d ago

I agree, MW2 for me was the pinnacle of the CoD series that I was fully invested in. The rest have been fly bys at best. Even though I did enjoy Black Ops II a lot it doesn't compare to the many hours I put in on MW2.

Definitely agree with your list.

_-EDMIX-_1211d ago

yuk...dat list doe...nasty.

4.Black Ops 1

...annnnnnd the rest trash. That series got bad FAST! lol

They had a few good runs, from COD1, 2, and 4 and I feel thats sorta where that run ended only slight exception would be black ops 1, 3 was just trash, MW2 began the whole wild junk flying all over the place, MW3 continued it etc.

I just want a remake or even HD remaster of COD4 and I would be fine. ie no dogs, not flying robots tanks doing somersaults, no AC130 etc.

Just 3 kill radar, 5 kills strike, 7 kills helicopter. I'm legit just fine what that set up and NOTHING MORE.

Got to the point where folks where not even playing the game, the damn perks and killstreaks were, ie get 1 kill and watching some landslide of animations happen with mechs, baby chimps flying in the air and junk..

USMC_POLICE1211d ago

Right? I loved sniping people with my BAR

MetroidFREAK211211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Advanced Warfare was and is still fantastic. Best CoD yet in my opinion... Black Ops 2 is a close 2nd, CoD4 is 3rd, original Black Ops is 4th, and WaW was 5th for my top 5. Bottom of the list include CoD3, MW2, and MW3

MetroidFREAK211211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

I see a lot of people disagree... And that's alright. Its just simply an opinion. No one has to agree with it if they have a different view. No sweat off my back :)

Simco8761211d ago

MW2 is the best. Had a great co-op too

Mikeyy1211d ago

Was a good list but it's missing COD2 for PC. That game would probably be in my top 2.

I camped those sniper servers hard back in the day.

mindtwang1211d ago

List was only games released on PS systems, that is why it wasn't on there.

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The story is too old to be commented.