GTA: San Andreas Voted Best Game of All Time by Gaming Public

What's the best game you've ever played? It's a tricky question isn't it? If you're anything like us lot, you've probably racked up hundreds of hours of gameplay time across hundreds of titles. So which is the best game of all time?

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SaveFerris1092d ago

No Elder Scrolls games in the top 20? No Call of Duty titles despite their popularity? No Pokemon?

Although these games are not my choices either, I am surprised that not one title from any of those franchises made the top 24 listed.

chrish19901092d ago

Call of Duty was actully somewhere close to #30. Looks like people have better taste than we give them credit for ;P

xHeavYx1091d ago

Anyone else got a "What the... hell" reaction by seeing the Walking Dead at #2?

LordMaim1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

Don't put too much stock in it. The Toluna survey involved only 1000 people, and judging from the responses, they were only asking "gamers" in North America and they had specific choices on the survey with anything else not specified lumped into "Other".

San Andreas got 119 votes, for a little over 11%.

Hardly representative of the "Gaming Public".

EDIT: For those who are interested in the results of this survey of the "Gaming Public"

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 119 (11.89%)
The Walking Dead 102 (10.19%)
The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 72 (7.19%)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 71 (7.09%)
Batman: Arkham Asylum 43 (4.30%)
Batman: Arkham City 32 (3.20%)
Final Fantasy VII 29 (2.90%)
Resident Evil 2 24 (2.40%)
Fallout 3 23 (2.30%)
Resident Evil 4 19 (1.90%)
The Last Of Us 19 (1.90%)
BioShock 15 (1.50%)
Half-Life 2 15 (1.50%)
Halo: Combat Evolved 14 (1.40%)
Dead Space 13 (1.30%)
Silent Hill 2 13 (1.30%)
Final Fantasy VIII 10 (1.00%)
Portal 2 10 (1.00%)
Mass Effect 2 7 (0.70%)
Max Payne 7 (0.70%)
Deus Ex 6 (0.60%)
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 6 (0.60%)
Shenmue II 3 (0.30%)
Grim Fandango 1 (0.10%)
Other, please specify 328 (32.77%)

Ezz20131091d ago

** Resident Evil 4 19 (1.90%)
The Last Of Us 19 (1.90%) **

My top 2 favorite games of all time are on the the list ...Great :)

But no RDR is making me sad :(

hay1091d ago

The list's silly as f*ck. Seems to be made up of articles popular throughout last year.

Phoenix761090d ago

Terrible, terrible, list of 'best games ever'.
Yeah there are some good games on it for sure, but if your 'greatest games ever' only stretches back for just over 10 years, instead of the last 40 years and doesn't even list games from home computers either, as all of them console release titles, then its a waste of time.

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morganfell1091d ago


I wouldn't put too much stock in it. Did anyone here know about this poll before the results were announced? And on a personal note, since that poll seems to be more someone else's opinion than a public sampling, Vice City > San Andreas.

chrish19901091d ago

It was a public survey using Toluna.

morganfell1091d ago

Doesn't alter the fact plenty of people - the majority of the gaming public, did not vote.

chrish19901091d ago

The survey was targetted at gamers... No survey will ever be able to get EVERYONE involved.

showtimefolks1091d ago

gta sa needs a complete remake so does vice city. or atleast a hd remaster

Hercules1891091d ago

I would say only vice city needs s remake. SA is not interesting enough.

Massacred1091d ago (Edited 1091d ago )

System Shock 2?
Planescape Torment?
Red Dead Redemption?
Chrono Trigger?
Fallout (2? > New Vegas? >>>>>>> 3)
The Elder Scrolls III?
Call of Duty 4?

Don't get me wrong, I love almost every game on the top 25 (except number 17) but there are def a few more I would add.

Tetsujin1091d ago

I'm surprised Socom 2 or any Mario and/or Sonic game of any type made the list as well.

I want to know the age range of the voters, since the majority of the games listed were released after the late 90s.

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djplonker1092d ago

Gta makes me proud to be scottish easily one of our major exports lol...

chrish19901092d ago

Second best export - the whiskey always comes first!

Massacred1091d ago

Indeed. I'm suprised Rockstar North hasn't made a game set in Scottland or anywhere in the EU for that matter in the past decade.

Shineon1091d ago

Why wasn't PS2 tagged in this?

Simco8761091d ago

What a list, def not a list I would come up with. Not enough classic games. Glad some gems made it though, like Max Payne for the PC and Deus Ex. Where is Quake III or Mario games?

Guess getting old in a genre that started when you were a kid is getting tough.

FunkyGoron1091d ago

Invalid list as COD4 MW and Pokémon Gold/Silver aren't on there. Two of the most impressive and revolutionary games for the series/genre.

Grim Fandango and The Walking Dead are great games, but number 24 and 2 respectively? What a joke.

Not my list so it's not big deal, but that list is very very odd.

chrish19901091d ago

That's the public for you....

ShaunCameron1091d ago

And most likely young judging by the games that made the list. They didn't start gaming until 1996 or later.

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