Worst 5 Rare Games

VGChartz's Noah Glaser: "Rare Replay recently released for the Xbox One and has been met with widespread acclaim. 30 Rare titles for $30 is a pretty tough deal to beat, and since installing it on my Xbox One I have essentially no-lifed through some of my best - and worst - childhood gaming memories."

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rodiabloalmeida1187d ago

Is this a satire? It must be. It has Battletoads on the list.

Geobros1187d ago

Diddy Kong Racing and Battletoads? Really?

otherZinc1187d ago

Since the title is soo friggin stupid, I won't click on it.

DasTier1187d ago

Bullshit, nuts & bolts is one of the most underated games of all time. People just got pissy because it wasn't a traditional banjo game.