PSP graffiti viral marketing backfires

It looks as though Sony viral marketing campaigns are proving to be less than popular. Some PSP themed graffiti, intended to drum up some enthusiasm for the PSP, has been met with a caustic response.

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timmyp534385d ago

Owain Bennallack
Dec 14th, 2006 at 5:25 pm
Or: Sony paid another group of artists to scrawl all over the original stuff.

timmyp534385d ago

the games suck(personal preference)

PS360WII4385d ago

the DS is popular becuase they have all the gba games you can play. Plus they have every dev wanting to make games for it becuase there's about 25 million of them out there. As far as your personal preference for the psp games just get a ps2 becuase they're all the same

PS360WII4385d ago

How sony thought this was a good idea really.