Latest clips from Virtua Fighter 5

New movies from Sega's Playstation 3 exclusive fighting title Virtua Fighter 5.

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Grown Folks Talk3693d ago

special. fighting games can only do so much. they are basically all the same with different names for their fake bruce lee rip-off.

Tut3693d ago

Sad but true. I would personally love to see some 2D fighters resurrected in next-gen. That would make me so happy.

videl3693d ago

i want to play this game now! looks very good.

Voodoochild3693d ago

I love the Virtual Fighter series more than any other fighter ought there. IMO the only competition for it is Street Fighter II Hyper Edition as far as skill is concerned. It’s a fighter that will test your reflexes and memory to there limits. The graphics look absolutely magnificent and mirror the game play as far as quality is concerned perfectly now. This will be the first must have game for me on the PS3.

Grown Folks Talk3692d ago

karate champ on nes followed closely by x-men mutant academy on ps1. sorry to burst your bubbles.

FirstknighT3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Tekken is for noobs. Just another button masher! Best 3D fighter games are Virtual Fighter and Soul Calibur. To bad the ps2 killed the soul calibur franchise when they aquired part 3. But unlike Tekken, Virtual Fighter takes skill to win! This is the only reason to own a ps3!

Kids play Tekken!

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