Analysis: Two Reasons Why Playable Female Characters Are Here To Stay

GI: "Video game protagonists have come a long way over the years. Consider the iconic Lara Croft: In her 1996 debut, she was a polygonal, sexualized figure, designed to appeal to an overwhelmingly male audience. However, she also stood out for being one of the few playable female protagonists at the time; her strong demeanor made her a beloved heroine for many female gamers as well. Almost 20 years later, Crystal Dynamics took the character to the next level by rebooting her into a more complex, multidimensional character. This year's E3 showcased that more playable female characters are following suit, suggesting this trend may soon become the new status quo."

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gangsta_red846d ago

Where they in danger of going somewhere else?

Cueil845d ago

us men clearly hate women that's why humanity never made it past it's first generation

Anthotis845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

Nope. Gameinformer just showing us that it's a corrupt SJW site.

Story Quality? WTF
Like This Website? No

cleft5845d ago

Some of the most beloved games of old had strong female leads. This happened long before these idiots started their little witch hunt. it saddens me to see an article this stupid coming from Game Informer.

PhoenixUp846d ago

When did they ever go away

Letthewookiewin845d ago

Please don't go!! I need yoouuu!

ShaunCameron845d ago

Have the author been living under a rock? SMH.

Godmars290845d ago

Like never played or heard of a game the literal start of the century. Didn't anything where female characters looked like female characters.

KryptoniteTail845d ago

Here's why they're here to stay: they always have been. SJW liars bull **** just spins reality to suit the need. What need? The need for controversy. For sympathy. For arguments. For agendas. It's all bull ****.

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The story is too old to be commented.