Gamefly Top 10!

Here is the ol Gamefly Top 10 most requested list. Xbox 360 rentals clearly are dominating the overall cross-platform chart at this point, while the Nintendo Wii and PS3 owners wait patiently for Santa (and additional launch allocations)...

Lost Planet takes the top spot for Xbox 360, Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the Nintendo Wii, and the PS3 early adopters are giving Fight Night Round 3 a shot.

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BIadestarX4387d ago

All "Most Popular Games Cross-Platform" are 360 titles. Developers should take note about this.

unleash bass4387d ago

Must mean something all most popular being 360 games.

videl4387d ago

hmm, seems that ms paid them a lot money for that list.

PS3n3604387d ago

deny, deny, deny, deny,....Just keep tugging yourself with that picure of a PS3 that your parents will have to fork out for. Its you against 8 million people who actually have an educated opinion. I hope your mommy buys you a 360 for christmas. I can see you kicking and screaming and knocking down the xmas tree with tears rolling down your cheeks in your little cowboy flannel PJs

rayzorn4387d ago

well im a real gamer i got all of the old systems but i dont have any of the newer ones yet. waiting till some games come out that i will like i see some for all the systems. but not enough for me to warrent buying any of them yet.this article is worthless. its saying the games they rent the most are from xbox 360 well no crap it has a ton more games at the time being and there are 12 X as many consoles out so of course they are going to be more popular rentals. that would be like saying how many dvds get rented a week over vhs or hd-dvd or blue ray.

PS3n3604387d ago

all these articles are ridiculous. Untill there is an equal number of systems out its all obvious. This would say more about purchasing habits rather than console popularity anyway. I uppose they could balance it by number of rentals per system in peoples homes. there are more than 20x more 360's out there so it would make sense if there were 20x the rentals for 360 games.

BIadestarX4387d ago

So there are 20 times more XBox 360 than PS2? If what you saying is 100% accurate than the PS2 should have at least 9/10 games listed on the Most Popular Games Cross-Platform.

rayzorn4387d ago

well i dont really know how they figured this out. you got a point with the xbox 360 having more than the ps2 and xbox1 in the crossover section. im wondering when they did this if they even did old consoles in the crossover or if its just for the new gen. if all systems are in that crossover i would be shocked.well in the spring i will decide what one i want to buy not sure yet. hope one system will have about 8-10 games that i want to play by then. im sure at one point i will own all 3 if they all make it

Master of Menace4387d ago

It's way to early to start comparing rentals.

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The story is too old to be commented.