Possible Halo 3 gameplay footage next week?

Belgian blogger YLA G, of the Xbox Elite Team Belgium, reports that there will be a 7 minute long trailer for Halo 3 on the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 20th. The clip will show the emergence of the Brutes as "playable characters" in the game and it will contain 2.5 minutes of gameplay footage

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big_tim4239d ago

I hope it isn't just a rumor and we will see this video on the 20th.

Axl Elite4239d ago

I will begin to!

BadTaste4239d ago

please let this be true!

THAMMER14239d ago

Will own 2007. But I wonder why they ar doing so much promotions now? We have a year and they are runnig ads like it comes out this month. This is the real KILLER App.

deepio4239d ago

They're doing promotions now cos...
A) Its Xmas
B) The PS3 and WII have just been released

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The story is too old to be commented.