This Disturbing New Shooter Trend Must Stop

Single-player is important even if not everybody uses it.

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ZaWarudo1215d ago

If you can do both MP and SP GOOD, then by all means. But a MP focused game should stick solely to MP in my opinion. vice versa for single player focused games.

I don't want tacked on MP in my single player focused games and i don't want tacked on SP in my multiplayer focused games.

scark921215d ago

Multiplayer was always utilized more than Single Player in the Battlefield series, there is no reason DICE would not add Singleplayer.

FamilyGuy1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I want both, regardless, it adds to my perception of the games value. Never played through a black ops campaign/sory mode but I'd feel cheated if it weren't there and I was still paying full price for the game.

Some games I wish they'd just sell the two separately at $30 each or $20 and $40 so I could decide for myself.

FlexLuger1215d ago

"I don't want tacked on MP in my single player focused games and i don't want tacked on SP in my multiplayer focused games."

^^This. And with regards to SW:BF, I dont recall the original having some 8+ hour campaign, so I think people are wrong for expecting it from this game. clearly they never played the original.

jb2271214d ago

I agree, but I just worry that the sp focused games you mentioned are starting to dwindle. The thing that companies don't seem to like about sp games is the fact that they don't require the persistent online sub fees, so consoles may eventually switch over to exclusives that are mp only to bolster their sub fees, and also there is far less dlc potential for an sp game. The only way to get people to buy dlc for an sp game is to create a meaty & costly new story component, but apparently you can just throw a new gun or cheap map out or change some skins and grab a quick 10 bucks off of the mp crowd.

I'm fine w/ each playstyle working towards its fanbase, but it just seems like sp focused games are fewer and further between these days. SP fans only seem to only get an open world title every few months, and for those of us who value a good story, we know that they are rarely as compelling in an open world setting vs. a strong narrative focused linear type title. Just seems to be fewer and fewer games I'm looking forward to these days and it only seems to be getting rougher from here. At least I'll have stuff like UC4 and JC3 to tide me over I suppose.

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mhunterjr1215d ago

Not every game needs single player...

Tacked on single player is just as worthless as tacked on MP... Devs should understand what makes their franchise tick, a focus on in it. Some games need both SP and MP... Others just need one or the other...

boing11215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

I concur that some games don't need both. I have zero problems with Battlefront not having proper Single Player because I know I will jump directly to MP. The same is with Battlefield for me. I touched SP only when the game was installing and then jumped directly to MP and never went back to finish it.

TWB1215d ago

In the case of SW Battlefront which is a multiplayer focused shooter, the problem IMO isnt even that theres no SP campaign because the missions are playable in solo. Its a cost effective way of providing solo experience that resembles the MP portion for players who prefer SP.

I dont think that theres any "disturbing trend" there. Its just that some developers and publishers are finally making some sense and re evaluate how useful a fully developed story mode is in a MP focused game compared to a solo mode that has vastly more replay value. Think how much money they have pumped into BF's SP campaign VS how much do people gain from it.

Far Cry 4 dropped multiplayer altogether and PvZ GW2 is adding full solo/offline functionality. Those alone speak against the so called "trend" IMO.

Perjoss1215d ago

Obviously they had to use the word disturbing for teh clicks.

I do find it strange though that Battlefield gets story missions but a franchise like Star Wars does not. I guess its OK when you consider there is probably multiple campaign focused Star Wars games coming from EA. And the exclusion of space battles in Battlefront just smells of an X-Wing or Tie Fighter sequel/reboot which I'm totally fine with.

TWB1215d ago

Also, note the "hot female face" thumbnail, which seems like trying to suggest/bait the "disturbing trend" is somehow gender related.

Geez, first I didnt know cheatcc did articles, then I realized how baity their articles are.

Perjoss1215d ago

I quite like some of the Call of Duty campaigns, they are really short and really cheesy but usually action packed and a nice 4 or 5 hours of throw away fun. Black Ops 1, MW1, 2 and Advanced Warfare were especially good.

Mr Marvel1214d ago

Couldn't give a crap about MP.

I ONLY play SP campaigns in shooters.