Europe makes up "less than a quarter" of Xbox Live

Via CVG: Europe makes up "less than a quarter" of Xbox Live's total membership, mostly down to language differences, Euro Xbox VP Chris Lewis has revealed in the latest Edge.

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ice_prophecy3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

.... oh really?

The article brings up some good points.

Another factor, I feel, though is the pricepoint for what the service provides. The service is relatively less in comparison to that of America for a similar pricepoint.

Fox013706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

XBL annual membership is 60 euros in Europe and 50$ in the US.
I feel cheated

chanto233706d ago

thats how much on USD??? like 90$??

Dark_Vendetta3706d ago

Just look out on ebay. I got my last 12 months membership for 25€ (look out for offerings in the USA, those are cheaper (about 30€), but don't forget to ask if the code will work in Europe too) . No shipping, got the code via email. Buying those cards in stores is far too expensive (compared to ebay)

3706d ago
SolidLiquidSnake3706d ago

The difference of prices is very drastic comparing Europe and US, so is not similar!...60 Euros is really a lot of money to pay for Xbox Live, and the service is nothing comparing to Us just like you said! So Im not surprised whith this situation!
To Tomdc "i hate french and spannish people online" - Don't really understand what you want to transmit to us whith this statement!

Death3706d ago

Everything in Europe costs more. The price of gasoline is horrific. The flip side of everything costing more in Europe is the average income is much higher than the States also. If you average it out, the cost of living compared to annual income is probably the same, but with inflated incomes comes inflated retail prices. It's funny because Americans would love to make what most Europeans make and Europeans want to pay what Americans pay. :)


Tarasque3706d ago

You also can get deal's on i have gotten my last 2 year's of live for 39.99 from there.

ice_prophecy3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I understand that.

I reckon Australia gets it even worse. We are paying around 65USD for the Live access. Our internet infrastructure is crap. There is no way we will be able to watch HD movies on the go, while considering that our major ISP, Tesltra, in Australia, Charges 89AUD for 25GB on a 1.5mb ADSL connection, with a extra 35AUD on top for Line rental. I am not going to be able to stream those movies even If I wanted to!

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kewlkat0073706d ago

..What is the Euro store missing over there?

Yi-Long3706d ago

... maybe if they'd bring the euro price down to a fairer and more realistic 30 euro, and improve quantity of the online content, we would see an increase of people opting for a gold-membership!

La Chance3706d ago

think people overhere dont care for online as much as in Anglo Saxxon territories.
Maybe cultural....?
The UK and USA always seem to be on the same track while France , Germany , Spain , Itamy seem to be "disconnected"

titntin3706d ago

It's too expensive in europe, and charges too much for the content it offers.

Never underestimate the 'turn off' power of hearing 100's of teenage americans screaming obscenities and yelling 'BO YA!' as they camp on a spawning spot.

That the UK makes up the bulk is no suprise, we suck up any sh*t the US feeds us (much to my dismay), but the rest of europe won't go for it unless they see value. Language is not the huge barrier that people make it out to be, most europeans speak english better than I do, and happilly consume english language films without an issue.

Its shame really, as the online console space should genuinely feel like an international affair rather than a US teenage party that your gatecrashing, but I can't see it changing unless they change their stratagey and pricing policy...

La Chance3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Your posts are always the same , trollish kind of posts.I remember you dissing the Too Human demo...the thing is you actually never played it because you were complaing about stuff that actually werent even in the demo and cant remeber who but some one proved it and you never came back to that thread...
Same goes for the Star Ocean 4 threads , You were always saying they arent in game becaue youre a 3d expert bla bla bla...did you check the last trailers ? Yeah , all in game...
And thats not all...theres alot more stuff like that.To all non europeens : I live in France o Im know what Im talking about moreover the French are the non english who have the best english in EU...and the english cinemas overhere are always EMPTY and englsih films NEVER subtitles in French NEVER pass on TV since you can be sure nobody will be watching them simply because the people are speaking in English

Why do people troll...?

Language : All you have to do is press mute on the game.90% of Europeens have only VERY basic english skills.
"most europeans speak english better than I do, and happilly consume english language films without an issue." That is just one HUGE HUGE HUGE lie.nuff said.Not even going to bother using arguments...thats how huge of a lie that is. To all non europeens : I live in France o Im know what Im talking about moreover the French are the non english who have the best english in EU...and the english cinemas overhere are always EMPTY and englsih films NEVER subtitles in French NEVER pass on TV since you can be sure nobody will be watching them simply because the people are speaking in English

Vito_corleone3706d ago

Yes La Chance why do people troll?

SL1M DADDY3706d ago

titntin might be negative from time to time but he is far from being a troll. Nobody knows trolling better than you bud, that is obvious in many if not all of your posts. Just clicking on the last few days worth of posts by you it is evident that you are the pot, trying desperately to call the kettle black.

As for the issue at hand, I say price and language has most to do with it. Also the idea that casual gamers do not play online much and at this point, the casuals are buying the 360 since it is hitting a lower price. Not as low as it needs to get to hit up the majority of the casuals but it is definitely being looked at by the folks who do not want to spend much on HD gaming. They are also the ones that could care less about online gaming and more than likely do not even have internet.

Drekken3706d ago

La Chance.. please tell me you are kidding.

I guess it takes one to know one.

titntin3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Hey look who talking - you're one of the biggest trolls on the site and people only need to view your posting history to see the truth of that.

As for the too human comment, I believe I mistakenly mentioned you couldnt' skip the cutscenes. It was because I had read it in a preview before the demo, and assumed I couldn't skip 'em while playing. Thats not trolling, thats merely being mistaken. I also mentioned that I'd buy the game, I just need confirmation it was more than 10 hours in length - thats not dissing.

You are completely wrong about the Star ocean 4 threads, where I quite plainly explained to people why the shots WERE in game shots. In your pathetic little world of 'US or THEM' I was actually working on your 'side' in that particular debate. I offered my advice at the time as I've been creating art for video games for 16 years now and felt I could offer some more insight into the issue than the procrastinations of you feeble machine frothers.

When I referred to Europeans I resisted the urge to put 'except for the French'. It's completely true that in France they are exceptionally protectionist about their language and are more resistant to using English than any other European country, to the point of passing laws banning the use of English in lots of places. This is true. But its not true of all the other countries in Europe, who consume a large variety of English language products. I'd despise all French if it weren't for the fact I married a French women...

In short, you've written the kind of purile half witted nonsensical trolling claptrap we can all expect from you - you have a history of writing utter BS all over this forum, and I wish you, and the other puerile kiddie war followers, would all just go and die in a hole somewhere.. leave the place for those of us interested in games.

La Chance3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

OH MY GOD ! Now thats the worst...The french are actually the europeens who speak english the best in EU.

despite the fact that they speak the best english they still dont watch films in English etc.Now just imagine whats its like in countries that dont speak English as well as the French...

You are talking about something you dont have a clue about...I dont understand why ??????????????? Why are you persisting ??????? So you were going to put "except for the french" ? On the contrary , the most open to english products ARE the french.

You know what I dont care if somebody is a fanboy.I dislike FAKE people like you.

And oh please , Im not the only one who realised your numerous "mistakes" when talking about 360 games and you know it.

Geez ,why am I even talking to you.

@tintin below : lol , because acting like youve played a game just to bash it when in fact youve never played tha game is useful to this site...right ? Doing things like that is just going down to droid level.

Wont see me wasting my time doing childish things like that.
Funny im the kid...

...oh and you know when people talk about EU they are in 90% of the time talking about UK , France , Germany , Spain and Italy.You know sice EU is so big they talk about the countries they always talk about the big five.

titntin3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Get out of it kid - half my immediate family are french, so don't go telling me whats what.

I'm persisting because the patheticness of your comments and their total irrelevance to this site or its readers needs highlighting so we can all remove your ability to post here. You add nothing and are a stain on the site.

...oh and its common knowledge that the Dutch are by far the best non native english speaking nation, closely folowed by the Scandanavian counties. Not the French.

Gorgon3706d ago

"OH MY GOD ! Now thats the worst...The french are actually the europeens who speak english the best in EU."

LaChance, I've visited many countries in Europe (I'm european) and I lived in both Portugal and Finland (I'm still living in the last one) and I can assure you that the French speak HORRIBLE english and that's when they actually speak it at all. As for them refusing to watch english movies, etc, well, sorry if I offend anyone, but from my experience the french are the most pedantic of the european peoples, so thats why. Fortunately not all french are like that, just like not all americans are a bunch of ignorants who ellect people like Bush.

With that said, I'm back to work.

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kwicksandz3706d ago

I paid $70AU about $65 US for xbox live membership. in AUS we get no video marketplace, no inside xbox, are ineligle for most of the tournaments and competitons and of course there are no aus dedicated servers for any game that provides them. we also pay comparitvely more for MS points and some arcade games and dlc arent released here.

Come next dashboard update i would bet the farm that Aussies wont be able to join netflix or the online gameshows, so basically all we would get are a cartoon for a gamerpic.

LIVE needs to work on their value equation for other regions. Still leaps and bounds ahead of PSN for content though, even in PAL territories which is why i am still a subscriber.

ice_prophecy3706d ago

I am willing to put money down that we wont get the netflix access.

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