FIFA '09 dated

MCV: With consumer anticipation for the game already sky high – and some hardline PES supporters even admitting that it could be a Pro Evo beater – EA has exclusively revealed to MCV that FIFA '09 is set for release on October 3rd.

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Horny3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I hope they fix the passing (especially through passes) and make the AI a bit smarter and add better animations. Also get rid of the robotic movements and make it more fluid.
One more thing, I miss playing indoor, they havent had that feature since 98.
Ill be happy as long as the gameplay is better.
Im getting this for PS3 and PES09 for PSP.

bumnut3668d ago

thats means i can now buy fifa 08 for 4.99

i always stay a year behind because i am not too interested in football but still enjoy the games.

i dont care if the team rosters are out of date.

Strife Lives3668d ago

Thats my team. Had to write that. Now, Fifa08 on 360 and my psp.Oct 3, day 1 for me.

xxBATTLECATxx3668d ago

Arsenal, great football
sh!t firm

Cyberwaste3668d ago

Nice cant wait Liverpool fan here. Day 1 purchase.

newneto3668d ago

I gave up PES due the issues on 2008. I will get FIFA09 (I have been doing this since the first FIFA. Maybe Konami can change my mind, if yes I will get both.

At least FIFA has my favorite team Santa Cruz from Brazil. Even it is on Serie C now. Used to be a top team.

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The story is too old to be commented.