Ken Levine: BioShock gameplay innovates well compared to Portal, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor

Speaking to VG247 at Develop yesterday, 2K Boston's Ken Levine said that he didn't understand why gamers had leveled criticism and the scope of innovation in BioShock's gameplay compared to the steps forward the game made in terms of narrative.

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Swiftfox3702d ago

Interesting, although I was unaware that such complaint's exsisted. It's and FPS and you run around and shoot things, the innovation comes from HOW you perform the tasks. In giving the player options you get a better experience overall no matter what genre you are in.

To critisize a game for doing what it does, and does well, is a bit unbecoming.

proArchy3702d ago

I like that he cites the hacking mini-game as an innovation. Did no one else notice that IT WAS PIPE DREAM!? Also, I have a hard time believing that a vending machine and an automated sentry bot have very similar inner workings. I might have 'innovated' a couple more mini-games into the hacking portion. By the way I can't wait for this to come out on PS3, I only got to get about half way through it on my friend's 360.

clevernickname3702d ago

The greatest shortcoming in Bioshock that I found was the lack of multiplayer. The game just screams for multiplayer battles in the Rapture world.

Perhaps in the sequel.

okcomputer3702d ago

I don't think bioshock needed multiplayer at all. A Co-op through the story mode may be a nice add on for the sequel, but I'd be pissed if they took time away from perfecting the sequel just to tack on some multiplayer modes. Not every game needs multiplayer to be good. With just the single player bioshock was my hands down goty for 07.

Xi3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

The less respect I have for him. He's the kind of person that would hate something that's popular our claim that the thing he did was new and different buy making it a different colour.

What did bioshock innovate over systemshock 2? I see no difference in how plasmids upgrade to getting new more powerful weapons, metroid's weapons also upgraded. And I think portal was a lot more innovative in it's narrative. Upgrading could be done online in cod4, and the hacking was just a minigame that you can find on free flash games websites.

I think he's a great developer, and I love his games, but he's definately not as connected to his fanbase as other developers, and he's not modest at all.

Fox013702d ago

a new Itagaki is born.

PwnShop3702d ago

I never played system shock, but to me this game innovated really well in the game play compared to most shooters. I honestly never had more fun with any other shooter. This game felt really tactical and i felt that i had a large array of methods and tactics to exploit. For example each gun had each type of ammo. I found myself hacking turrets and setting mines to trap big daddies. The plasmids added huge opportunities for new combat. Also i found the AI to be spectacular in the sense that not all of them are programmed to see you then charge. The spider splicers tried to sneak up on you, the Houdini's tried to teleport around you and fighting the big daddy felt new and fun.