Which New Street Fighter IV Character Do Americans Like Best?

Street Fighter IV has four new characters: sexy American spy Crimson Viper, the mysterious Abel, luchador and chef El Fuerte and boss character Seth. That's totally fitting! And which new character do Americans seem to respond to the most? French martial arts dude Abel.

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DirtyLary3707d ago

Rufus. We Americans love our fast food industry.

kapedkrusader3707d ago

...or does anyone else think that Crimson Viper looks just like Angelina Jolie?

Swiftfox3707d ago

Now that you mention it....

Swiftfox3707d ago

I think it's a bit unfair to ask that the question of "which do american's like best" since not all of American's have access to the game.

From the tournaments I have seen involving 3rd Strike, American's will clamour toward the top teir. In 3rd Strike it was Yun, Chun Li, and Ken. Rest assured whichever top teir characters are in Japan, they will be in America.