TheSixthAxis Review - Siren: Blood Curse

If you've been craving for a new horror game, can stand some outlandish plot elements and have the HD space and patience to install it, then don't hesitate and jump in. Even if it's not perfect, the game has plenty of strong points that makes it a great game.

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slave2Dcontroller3667d ago

I have about a 100 free GB'z but seeing as though I just bought a 160gb Seagate... I'm not exactly in a rush to upgrade so soon.

Granted I know the game doesnt come close to 100gb's, I plan on beefing up my PS3 collection immensely with all the great games that are upcoming.

crippler6663667d ago

Well 12 episodes at around 1gig to 1.4gig each so around the 16-18gig mark. Not installed it all yet as got to free up so hdd space until I fit my larger hdd.

slave2Dcontroller3667d ago

I think I'm gonna sit this one out. I wish they would've went ahead and put it on BR ala GT;5P and with WipeoutHD which is truly A MUST HAVE for me... I think I'd rather lend the extra space to that.

crippler6663667d ago

It is a good game if a little short by what gamers expect today. However it does scare you at points and has a story that makes you want to play it.

I do think it was a good and a bad thing putting on the PSN. Good thing - shows that not only just shooters are coming to the PSN. Bad thing - it is kinda linear, but the story seems to make up for that.

8/10 is about right, but I do think it is worth it if you like Survival Horror games.