Next-Gen's Top 25 People of The Year

Next Generation presents a list of the 25 people they feel deserve recognition for their contribution to the game industry through 2006.

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FordGTGuy4355d ago

Major Nelson #9 and no one from Sony even on the list!

WhEeLz4355d ago

its just a list....its not like there getting money for it....

FordGTGuy4355d ago

What are you saying that Microsoft's Peter Moore or Major Nelson need money? I geuss its not a real list unless there is Plasma TVs and cash prizes you must be stuck in a pop-up or something. These guys were picked as the top 25 of hundreds of nominees. Remember the monthly sales is just a list too.

JasonXE4355d ago

hehehe, I think the guy from nintendo needs to be number 1.

calderra4355d ago

Er, that was Sony. And so were:

"PS3 is a supercomputer."
"All launch games will ship in 1080p at 120fps."
"New features, like real-time weapon change."
"The PS3 is shipping in Spring '06."
"It's just a few weeks until our Spring '06 release, and we're already building stock in preparation for our launch."
"Flip the enemy crab onto its back and attack its weak point for massive damage."
"Killzone was real gameplay footage, running in realtime."

And it bears repeating:
"RRRRRRRRrrrrridge... RAAAAaaaccccerrr!!!"

MicroGamer4355d ago

Let's see how the fanboys try to spin this one off.

timmyp534355d ago

man fanboys just stop 4 a second and soak it in.. these are great people..Mark Beaumont
Capcom- Peter Dille (SCEA) -Todd Howard
Bethesda(Oblivion)-Ted Price(Insomniac)-Cliff Bleszinski (Epic Games)-The people from Nintendo(mario oh yea!)-and the big man hisself Peter Moore (Microsoft)
stop it. come on! stop the fanboy stuff(Micro)no one has to be a fanboy in this article just chill out.

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