Playstation Home Closed Beta Japan Selection Has Begun

As for the people of the PS3® user in this world, to enjoy e.g., it receives the PS3® private software which is started from communication of the text kyat and the voice kyat etc and on PlayStation®Home, PlayStation®Home offers is new, "you play and can experience one end of the place" space. This is for signing up for the Japanese Home Beta, It starts July 31st through August 11th.

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rickjames3709d ago

just download abou 63 times lol. if i get picked i hope its not gonna be in japanese bcz i cant read it

Fishy Fingers3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Rick, if your not Japanese or at least live there I'm afraid you probably wasted your time. The Home betas are region locked.

Rob0g0rilla3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Click that for more details. Seems like once you download the theme you give yourself a chance to participate in the beta? I don't know. You need a Japan account to download it.

B-Rein3709d ago

i think this is a test for the closed beta, so the japanese public can see how its like and is it good enough to be released

pp3709d ago

japanese people want like home because the people in home don't have big round eyes

Solid_Snake6663709d ago

before writing something down re read it before you hit that add comment button

NewScratch3709d ago

bubbles for anyone who can translate the japanese store text or the text in the link from robogorilla above...

B-Rein3709d ago

Start of opening beta service is planned from this fall, this day July 31st (the wood) from August 11th (month) to period, we collect the closed beta test participant “of PlayStation Home”. (As for start of the closed beta test late August schedule) as for application, you go from PLAYSTATION®Store of PLAYSTATION®3. Making announce in 2007, it is PlayStation®Home which it receives, but it came to the point of starting the closed beta test which everyone of the user can receive participation more and more. As follows, you collect the participant. “Online community [pureiguraundo]” for the completely new game user where PlayStation®Home is actualized, freely using the function of PLAYSTATION®3 and PLAYSTATION®Network, is. By all means, please participate in the closed beta test, experience this world promptly. Home (Japan) Project senior producer Akagawa it is good two

1. Sign in doing to PLAYSTATION®Network, it chooses PLAYSTATION®Store.

2. “The banner of “recommendation” or PlayStation®Home” is chosen.

3. “The banner of PlayStation®Home” or “the application post card” idea contest are chosen.

4. “Download” is chosen.

5. Executing “download”.

Now, application is completion. PlayStation®Home custom theme is added simultaneously. Please utilize please. (Concerning the setting method of custom theme please view this. )

The result of the pulling out selection which becomes exact, applying in late August, the mail regarding participation yes or no in one everyone whom it receives * you transmit.

* The mail the mail address which the register it has received (sign in ID) transmits to the address in PLAYSTATION®Network. Whether or not the mail address which you have registered to PLAYSTATION®Network, reception possibility please verify beforehand. Case it is necessary to correct mail address, following to the below-mentioned procedure, we request a change of registration information. * Modification method 1. of mail address with the mail address which presently you have registered [sign in] 2 where it does. [PLAYSTATION®Network] > [Account management] > [a change of registration information] > [sign in ID (E-mail address)] with it can modify.

NewScratch3709d ago

swede, was hoping someone may be able to paraphrase rather than the 50% google or babelfish translations.

your name reminds me of "be kind rewind" have you seen that? this topic has officially been "sweded"

Dir_en_grey3709d ago

Just download the thing and you are entered in the drawings.
They'll let you know if you've won after the drawings by letting you know in the mail you've set up in your Japanese PSN account.

Plain and simple, no need for wordy translations =)

MrSwede3709d ago

@NewScratch, I'm gonna see "Be kind Rewind" as soon as it gets here :-)

I just thought you hadn't tried Google translator yet, that's why I threw it out there.

Jim Hawking3709d ago

When it says (the wood) it means moko or Thursday. When it says (month) it means getsu, or Monday. F.Y.I. if anyone was confused.

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