Pixel Junk Eden to provide 15-20 hours of gameplay!

According to dcuthbert, PixelJunk Eden is going to provide up to 20 hours of gameplay. If that is true then the game is well worth the $9.99 price.

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ThanatosDMC3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Am i the only one disappointed in this game? I thought it'd be addicting as Pixel Junk Monsters... but i was sadly disappointed.

Yeah, i played the demo. I guess, you need patience and spiderman skillz for this game. I hate falling on the side without any branches to hold on to. I bet im not the only one.


I spent 4-5 hrs on my first try. Got to Garden 5 then whored for those... ummm... forgot what you call those things you need to get to finish a garden.

ice_prophecy3644d ago

I may just have to pick up this little gem!

cheese3644d ago

The demo took me about two hours to beat. Not surprising at all.

chanto233643d ago

i know takes time to catch those seeds and stuff

Skerj3643d ago

The only drawback is that the multiplayer isn't online, hope it gets patched in later.

meepmoopmeep3643d ago

yeah, i wish Q would patch up Eden and also Monsters with online co-op. would be really sweet.

i loved the demo for this. i havent' even beaten it yet but it's really fun and i can't wait for the full version. not for trophies, but i really love this game and the artstyle.

Unreal29013643d ago

In my opinion the game is very basic and most ps3 users will only be donwloading it for 2 reasions 1 its cheap 2 for the trophys, i will wait for something better.

SolidLiquidSnake3643d ago

The intent of the game is exactly that! But I disagree whith you, I think the majoraty of the people who download this is not only because is cheap or the trophies, is beacuse they like it!...Seems to me very weird spent even 9 dollars in a game they don't like!

Dark_Vendetta3643d ago

remember Avatar? People bought/rented this game just to get the easy 1000 points.

titntin3643d ago

People will download and play this game because it is fun and its visual style is excellent and looks great at the native 1080P res.

Some us are into games - you know, things that are fun and a bit different? Whilst I'm happy to play the latest FPS or racing game, its the really different titles that stand out for me and have a place in my heart.

I actually feel sorry for people like you, who can't enjoy a game unless its complex... I've had more fun from Pixel Junk Monsters than I've had from most of the full price disc based titles I've bought on Ps3 or 360.

wolfehound223643d ago

I actually enjoyed the game quite a lot. It may be basic, but I do not think that a game needs to be overly complicated to be a great experience. Of course the fact that it is only 9.99 and it supports trophies is also nice. I do believe there will be a lot of people picking it up just because it is plain enjoyable.

PirateThom3643d ago

If you download it just for trophy whoring, you're going to be sorely disappointed as none of the trophies are particularly easy.

SL1M DADDY3643d ago

That's your opinion but it sure is not the general opinion of all who took the chance to play the demo. The game is absolutely amazing in that it is new, fresh and something rather addictive. Once you get the hang of it and start getting good at collecting pollen, the game's light visuals and effects are absolutely gorgeous. I would have paid more for this game just because it's something better than another rendition of Pac-Man or some silly remake of Centipede. The PSN is providing us with some spectacular games and Eden is not one to disappoint... At least, not disappoint those looking for something new and fresh.

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