Nintendo Clear Winner in 2nd Quarter Game Shipments

Nintendo easily beat competition from Microsoft and Sony to ship more consoles and handhelds in the second quarter of the year, figures from all three companies show.

The company shipped 5.2 million of its Wii console during the April to June period-- that's well ahead of the 1.6 million PlayStation 3 consoles shipped by Sony and Microsoft's 1.3 million Xbox 360s. Sony's second-generation PlayStation 2 console continues to sell well thanks to its low price and Sony shipped 1.5 million of the units during the period beating out the Xbox 360.

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Vizion263671d ago

But the Wii is a fad. People buy it then don't play it. It just sits their collecting dusts. Wait until Kill Zone 7 or Uncharted 6 comes out, it's going to pwn the Wii. The Wii is not competing with the HD consoles. It has last gen graphics. Vgchartz is unreliable. Oh wait, this isn't vgchartz. The Wii is for only kids and centurians, no serious gamer would never play that cheap toy.

Sarcasm off.