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Canadian NPD from January ,2008 to June, 2008

Wii- 318K

PS3- 170.5K


The article writes :-

"While the Xbox 360 holds down second place in total Canadian sales, the PlayStation 3 is outselling the 360 this year. Attracted by price cuts and the console's built-in Blu-ray player, Canadians have bought some 170,500 PlayStation 3s this year, compared to 129,000 Xbox 360s." (Arcade, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

Chris Hansen  +   2341d ago
I never knew NPD tracked Canada sales. Well, not that we have Canada sales as well, PS3 is truly kicking 360's ass WORLDWIDE!
timmyrulz  +   2340d ago
But yet its still in last place :)
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2340d ago
xBox 360 = Titanic!!! ;-D
Lifeboats at the ready!!! ;-D
cahill  +   2341d ago
Well Vgchartz numbers were fake .
see here

In reality there are 11m xbox 360s and 5.4m ps3s in N/A at the end of june

so the difference between ps3 and x360 in WW sales could be less than 5m
cahill  +   2341d ago
It seems Vgchartz were way off on north american sales of x360

according to numbers released by NPD US and NPD Canada


x360 is around 11 million units in North Aerica
10.4million in Usa and 848000 units in Canada

PS3 is around 5.4 million units in North America
4.9 million in Usa and 484000 units in Canada

Vgchartz has ps3 at 5.4 million and x360 at a whopping 12.1m in North America
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karlostomy  +   2341d ago
It seems, according to your supplied info, that VG chartz got the PS3 sales EXACTLY right, but overstated 360 sales.

Interestingly you quote the ps3 sales to a decimal point (5.4) while you quote the 360 sales at 'around 11mill'.

What's wrong with 11.25 mill?
Did the 250000 extra 360 units not fit your agenda?

Overall, VGchartz does a good job, given the fact they use (only) 5% retail samples in their estimates.
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militant07  +   2341d ago
open zone over there --->

cahill  +   2341d ago
@karl the difference would still be 1m
since we are talking about July sales by now
so 12.2m - 11.5 = 700

for ps3 it should be around 200k extra to the total

so the adjustment should be + 900k for ps3
or -900k for x360

there is no way to spin this
Vg doesnt track sales. those numbers are just random guess works
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gano  +   2341d ago
And Yet
They keep letting vgchartz be posted. Flood them with lies i suppose.
cahill  +   2341d ago
1m units
thats totally unacceptable
gano  +   2341d ago
Agree So
Why if this person knows a website push bull why support them?
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LevDog  +   2341d ago
Wow.. I totally forgot Canada existed
ChefDejon  +   2341d ago
watch what u type
there are more canadian n4g members than u think
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2341d ago
crimsonfox  +   2341d ago

i think people buy allot of systems haha
snakebite36  +   2340d ago
LevDog  +   2340d ago
HAHA easy my Bro in Law is Canadian
PS3n360  +   2340d ago
dont tell Bush about us
We don't want any Soldiers coming up here and bringing us freedom by killing our children and taking our oil. lol
ItisI  +   2341d ago
Anyhow the Wii continues to thump both the HD consoles.
How much longer can the 360 and PS3 continue while being embarassed by that little white box. They need to do something drastic to turn this race around. And all the while Nintendo hasn't had a price cut or announced coloured Wii's yet.
rbanke  +   2341d ago
I'm sure those Vtech game systems sell alot too...
Real Gambler  +   2340d ago
Yes, but this also prove that Nintendo is lying to us...
"We cannot produce the Wii fast enough." "Production cannot meet the demand." Bla bla bla. Yet, you have a 3 million jump (double production) from Sept to Dec. Yes I know you can shave a few unit here in there to make sure you have enough for Christmas, but common, double the numbers like everybody else? Why have the shelves been empty for so long?
504BADBOY  +   2340d ago
man nobody aint worry about no wii its not selling no games except 4 nintendo games and only reason they sell a lot of software is because its either pack in or pack with something
Farsendor1  +   2341d ago
i would love to live in canada have read a lot about it and i just like how friendly the government is. if all that info was accurate
DaTruth  +   2340d ago
The info is not accurate
Skadoosh  +   2341d ago
Does the sales really matter?
Seems like the articles that get the most comments are the sales ones. Why? I thought this was news for gamers and not news for stock holders. Are you saying that your not going to enjoy your Mass Effect or Halo 3 or Resistance because it's not beating the competition? Are you thinking about these sales numbers when your playing MGS4 or NG2? If you are then you my friends need some serious help.
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DaTruth  +   2340d ago
If ps3 does horribly in sales than mgs5 will be 360 exclusive and I won't get to enjoy it.
The Goulet  +   2341d ago
I called this like two months ago.

gtgcoolkid  +   2341d ago
I don't understand
Who keeps approving VGChartz still for this site? I stopped once I found out how bad they were most of the time. The few times they are right, it seems its more of a lucky guess than anything else.
xg-ei8ht  +   2341d ago
Sometimes i forget america exists, then i remember we are their ancestors and it all comes flooding back, law,our language.
power of Green  +   2341d ago
Is Nasim.
cahill  +   2340d ago
whatever makes u h88py
Hiruma   2340d ago | Spam
Ace-Jury  +   2340d ago
Power of Green is.....
a sad twat
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2340d ago
Sucks being a droid don't it? always having to watch 360 owners play games wile you watch Spiderman 3 over and over.
PopEmUp  +   2340d ago
um Jason
I Thought You love Watching the red light, no, no, not the Traffic light, I mean the Shining light that come within several box you have at home
SL1M DADDY  +   2340d ago
It's a good thing we didn't let a day go by...
Without posting up some sales numbers. I would hate to actually talk about something that really matters...

belal  +   2340d ago
i will laugh
hard when ps3 surpasses the 360 worldwide, and im pointing at jason 360 and timmyrulz.

when ps3 surpasses the xflop you shouldnt be on this site anymore ;)
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2340d ago
You done "watching" MGS4
Homicide  +   2340d ago
Poor xbot. You have nothing else to say. Your console is being outsold by the PS3. Play beyond.
Voiceofreason  +   2340d ago
Poor Sony sheep. Sad that others dont fall for the same lies you do? 1 win and SOny is King but forget the fact that MS killed them by more than this in the US.. No that doesnt matter.. baaaaaaahhhh sheep bah
Voiceofreason  +   2340d ago
Yesterday PS3 shows poor sale sin US and it was nothing. Today Fanboys are talking about the death of 360 over a similar situation. I just have to laugh. Wii is kicking PS3 in every way that matters. Hardware sales, software sales, game reviews.. All you kids can do is make false claims that WIi games dont sale. Complete BS that NPD proves wrong. Then other children say Wii is not on competition with PS3. I cant even understand that one so you must have to have an IQ of 12 to even tihnk it. I mean they are diplayed side by side in GAME stores. A lot of the games are available on both consoles. I dont see how they arent competing other than it helps SOny fanboys deal with their loses. I guess when you are in last place with really poor sales all you can do is make tihngs up to justify the money you paid for a PS3. Funny how PS3 is this great machine but owners spend more time worried about MS and NIntendo then they spend playing games on PS3. No wonder the Wii has a much higher attach rate than PS3.
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   2340d ago
Ok... bye, bye now.
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   2340d ago
BTW no one said anything against Nintendo, kid.
Voiceofreason  +   2340d ago
welcome to ignore moron. I'd also say welcome to ignorance but its obvious its been a part of your life for a very long time. Thanks for bothering to post twice on something you couldnt understand though. Oh and you might want to learn how to read. You claim nobody said anytihng about Wii but its only you that couldnt comrpehend it was being said..a$$clowns like you are exactly whats wrong with this place. All mouth no facts.
#16.3 (Edited 2340d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   2340d ago
voiceofreason is g@y.
bioshock  +   2340d ago
i dont understand
why these bots can even think tht they have the chance to win console war, i mean PS3 got the army of 140 mil units backing them up man.its never possible....im gonna give credit to M$ to bring console 1 year b4 and give ppl good shooters to start.plus they provided ppl with some gr8 franchises which xbox never saw the face of....but frankly RROD shatterd their image in 07 which was their best year, thn in 08 they lost hddvd and it was over and they declined...XBOX SOLD 25 MIL units IN ITS 4 YEAR CYCLE FROM 2001 to 2005...and now look at ths 360 IN ITS 3rd YEAR WITH ONE YEAR AHEAD OF COMPETITORS SOLD ONLY 20 MIL..so how far it will go 30 MIL thts it.its bogus machine and thts it u can call it ps2 1.5.....

there are many bots out their who would convert and end up getting ps3 as they are waiting for price drop... but there are no ps3 owners out there who i think would convert to 360 in future....coz as we all knw system is outdated....
Product  +   2340d ago
If you know vgchartz are inaccurate why is there always a 1000 comments every week when vgchartz posts their numbers?
monkeys  +   2340d ago
good job Canada!!! nice to see canadian sales for a change .
ScottEFresh  +   2340d ago
@ Monkey ...I really did wish we could get more Canadian #s more often.

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