Edge: Inside the New Xbox Live - Part One

Edge has come to Xbox's headquarters in Seattle because Microsoft is ready to show them how it's looking to Live to take Xbox to a new level. Microsoft want them to meet almost everyone that runs the Xbox business to understand the changes that it hopes will transform Xbox 360 from principally a gamer's machine to an entertainment box for all.

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iMad3638d ago

With the power of software i feel like XBOX 360 will be totaly new console. And i want PArty system and 1 vs 100 very much. God job Microsoft. Now i will play thouse TVshow like games with all my family.

Bangladesh3638d ago

I like it as well. You won't catch me complaining while they are adding even more to an already great service.

Slade233638d ago

this is going to be great for xbox live with the t.v show games,avatars and more. but hey lets see some more they got for the new dashboard. can't wait for part 2

jinn3632d ago

the new xbox live would be free