Analysis of America's Sales for the Week Ending July 26, 2008

VGChartz writes: "With low supply of PS3 this week, PS3 sales dipped to under 30,000 units as Sony begins to work in its new sku. Xbox 360 sales dropped as well, though it appears Microsoft had more of its old model left in the retail channel this week.

The week ending July 26, 2008 feels like a repeat of the early weeks in 2007. Why? Well during the current PS3 sku transition this week, PS2 outsold PS3. Since the PS3 was available for $400 last October, it has been outselling its predecessor most weeks. However, in early 2007, with all but a few of the $500 PS3s gone, and most PS3s at $600 Wii, PS2 and Xbox 360 were outselling PS3 so in that sense this week is very similar to spring 2007 weeks when PS3 at its lowest point. There are differences from spring 2007 too. Xbox 360 and PSP are now routinely outselling PS2 for instance. That was not the case in spring 2007. All in all though, the pattern this week is quite different from just a month ago, when PS3 was trailing only Wii and DS on the Metal Gear Solid 4 boost. The main reason for the flip in sales position is that Microsoft has more old skus to clear out of the channel than Sony does right now."

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Fatmanp3701d ago

Woah the PS3 had a big dip for some reason and the 360 had the same.

Wildarmsjecht3701d ago

both are phasing out sku's, so low supply. they should both return to normal when the new models they talkd about come out.

cahill3701d ago

see here

cant believe that this vg nuisance gets posted every now and then

Rich16313701d ago

If you would have asked me back in summer of 06' before the Wii launched. I would have said it would've flopped hard and come in last place by far. I couldn't have been more wrong. I still can't believe the sales on that thing. I still don't want one though.

Snukadaman3701d ago

I laughed hard here. People are probably waiting for that ps3 price drop..or ps3.5 like I am.

kingme713701d ago

yeah, I don't understand their logic at all. Announce in July a bigger sized harddrive will be available in Sept. but for the same price as the ones today. Only people unaware will buy before then.

At least MS was wise enough to drop the price to move the old stuff.

PimpDaddy3701d ago

Sony can't afford to drop the price on thier remaining 40GB PS3's. It cost them too much to manufacture as is. They are just trying to sell off thier remaining 40GB's and get ramped up for the replacement 80GB's for the same price. It's a gamble.

I think they prematurely announced the 80GB was going to replace the 40GB though. You dont do those things almost 2 months before they take affect.

I think Sony felt they had to announce this at E3 to try to take away from some of Microsoft's thunder of announcing a 60GB was replacing the 20GB.

Snukadaman3701d ago

Really big mistake on their I said..people are probably expecting a price drop and waiting for it...sad thing is it might come in november or october.

@kingmeYou are right..if your trying to get rid of old stock drop the price...makes sense but sony is to blame for this situation as well...they might be screwed for awhile in the US.

green3701d ago

So they have basically stabbed themselves in the foot by announcing the 80gig sku too early.

It just makes the sales push that MGS4 gave them practically useless because they could be dead last in North American sales for the month of July and August.

n00bzRtehgey3701d ago

I LOL'ed

Plus, I'm waiting for it to stop sucking. Soon, I hope.

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kingme713701d ago

Sony isn't bringing in the 80GB until Sept. according to E3. What are they going to do in August?

Cyrus3653701d ago

They appearently did a decent restock, especially bringing back the 80 gig MGS 4 model.

kingme713701d ago

The 80GB MGS4 bundle is for the enthusiast. That's not going to sell to the majority of people.

They needed to drop the 40GB $50.00 like MS did until they ran out.

Panthers3701d ago

Seems to me that most people want the 80Gb.

mistertwoturbo3701d ago

Wait, what $600 PS3 are they referring to? AFAIK there's only the $400 40gb (soon to be 80gb) and the MGS4 bundle for $500.

PimpDaddy3701d ago

They were talking about last year. How before the 40GB $400.00 PS3 was introduced in October that the PS2 and 360 were constantly outselling the 20GB/60GB/80GB PS3's at the price of $500.00/$600.00

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