Why it's OK to be a shameless perve.

From gameplayer: "Wearing the 'pervert' nametag in gaming circles is not a mark of shame, but a badge of pride… we've all rotated the in-game camera enough to see our favourite femme fatales from their most flattering angles."

Includes plenty of high-res close ups of the girls of Soulcalibur IV.

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gamerosity3705d ago

You perve, you should be ashamed of yourself ;)

JsonHenry3705d ago

My probation officer says otherwise...

darkshiz3705d ago

We didn't made ourselves this way.
Nature made us pervs!
It is our nature to be pervs!

Before anybody comes in and sayings blah blah blah blah cartoon blah blah blah I like to say there's a reason for all the sexy commercial, sex on tv, sex on movies, sex in everything.

Because most guys are pervs. Not our fault this game is perverted, it's the MAKERS!

LeonSKennedy4Life3705d ago

...and Jeffrey Dahmer killed and ate small boys because he was born to do so.

Grow up.

darkshiz3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

That guy is messed up in the head, I'm talking about regular people. A response like that is childish and foolish.

In no way did it link to your disturbing childish comeback.

When does normal Male to FEMALE perversion discussion goes to Man raping kids? What a disturbing mind you have.

Now you're talking about incest? talking about disturbed.

shazam3705d ago

your probably a girl. you're probably a feminist.

vickers5003705d ago


Uhh, yeah people can be born messed up in the head. You are foolish if you think otherwise.

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Statix3705d ago

Shameless perv is redundant; there's shame to being a "perv." It's called being a heterosexual male.

darkshiz3705d ago

You got a point there. I quiver at that thought except for female on female.

LeonSKennedy4Life3705d ago

You're all sick freaks, aren't you?

I'm glad you're all proud of yourselves.

Ever wonder why rape is becoming more acceptable in our society?

Seriously, guys. The next girl you see that you want to bang...imagine that she's your sister.

Wait...what am I saying? That probably just makes it worse for a lot of you.

Tomdc3705d ago

i agree completely! bubbles for the good man above ^^

shazam3705d ago


Just shut up you annoying feminist retard.

vickers5003705d ago

Being attracted to women is NATURAL for guys. You may think that being a perv is some "sin" bullsh*t from your fictional story you call the bible, but it's proven that its natural (as in nature, as in we are born with the desire to f*ck women, get it now?). And posting perv comments and being a perv does not equal rape you f*cking idiot.

SmokingMonkey3705d ago

because we have to secure the future of our species.

all the other organisms are doing it.

gamerosity3705d ago

Perve, you should be ashamed of yourself ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.