1:1 Wii Lightsaber is Real

"Admittedly, this video looks like it was shot in 1987 with one of those bulky-ass home video cameras and the graphics look like booty, but it definitively shows that every Star Wars wet-dream geeks have had since motion control was announced for the Wii is finally possible with MotionPlus. Don't believe us? Check out the video. Things get really interesting about 1/3 of the way through the demonstration. Like they didn't know what they were doing making the "sword" glowing green."

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callahan093639d ago

I'm still a little upset with Nintendo for marketing the Wii before launch as a machine with a controller that could do all of this stuff out of the box. I bought one thinking that I'd soon be enjoying games in this fashion.

The WiiMotionPlus is an awesome thing, but I'm disappointed that every controller needs this add-on to have this functionality. I wonder how many games will eventually utilize it considering that every single Wii-mote out there right now will require an additional accessory in order to play the game. I'm feeling a bit perturbed about everything Wii related these days, but if this device isn't too expensive and if it takes off and lots of developers start making fun games for it, then I may some day in the future be glad that I own a Wii again.

admeister3639d ago

That's a pretty awesome video, the add on really has some great potential. I agree that it's annoying that Nintendo didn't have this kind of functionality out of the box, but I'm thinking it simply wasn't possible for them to do so at the time of launch. The technology is getting cheaper, and the Wii has really taken off, so now it a good time for them to make the move.

iceman28853639d ago

Is release entire controllers once the WiiMotionPlus is available. By this, I mean don't make me go buy a numchuck, a wiimote and a wiimotionplus all separately; just sell one package that has them all. It really bothered me when I finally got my first wii and numchuks were sold out everywhere but you could find the regular wii mote. Just sell them as one thing for goodness sakes.

admeister3639d ago

But then people would complain, since not every game uses both the Wiimote and nunchuk. That's the problem with having a 2 part controller.

kn3639d ago

As a standalone... I've got 4 wii controllers and will have to buy at least two. This really pisses me off as a Wii owner as I bought the wii expecting them to have used better technology in the controller.

Ninty needs to get with developers pronto and get this implemented backward through patches or something as I've been pretty irritated with the lack of responsiveness in games like Okami.

BrotherNick3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Lol, wtf are you talking about, the controls take a little practice, and I was totally owning in Okami. I think it may be you. Anyways the wii motion plus has nothing to do with the infrared pointer on your wiimote you use to draw on the screen. It's only a gryoscope.

proArchy3639d ago

this would be really cool for a Full Metal Alchemist type action/adventure game where you would have to draw out spells on the fly

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