Why Final Fantasy VII-2 Is Coming: A Detailed Perspective

What could Square-Enix's FFVII-related announcement be? PSXE thinks it's going to be a sequel to the legendary RPG, just because it's the best bet for both gamers AND the publisher.

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Rob0g0rilla3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Then it's definitely this one.

Square wouldn't hesitate to make this on 360 as well.

cahill3667d ago

This game alone will sell millions of ps3s

dktxx23667d ago

That wouldn't have an effect on the sequel. Only a remake.

donator3667d ago

True, Sony published FF7, but it doesn't necessarily mean they'll publish a sequel. Square might leave the publishing up to the highest bidder.

Now it'd be different if they owned the FF7 brand. That I do not know.

Dark vader3667d ago

Sony is really pissing me off though, when it comes to the rpg department. I don't know wtf they are doing. They let all the good rpgs end up for the 360. I mean come on i know last remamnent and star ocean are time exclusive, but still man they should do something about the lack of rpgs for the ps3. I don't mind it going to the 360 but at least make sure it comes out for the ps3 also.

Ogrekiller3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Final fantasy VII for the pc was published by Eidos.
the playstation version was published by square in Japan, as was the international version.

For the non believers

sushipoop3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

A sequel would be stupid. Everyone wants a remake, not a sequel. A sequel would just ruin FFVII.

Edit: Wikipedia is not a reliable source. I could easily go in there and edit most of that information myself right now. Check the IGN link. Sony published the console version.

If FFVII were ever to be remade for consoles it would be exclusive to PS3, published by Sony. We aren't talking about the failed PC port, we're talking about the console version. Try harder Ogrekiller. Using Wikipedia as your source only shows me how clueless you really are.

UnSelf3667d ago

Any kinda of confimred FFVII related news would be greatly appreciated by now in any case

Ogrekiller3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Point taken.
Here you go then.
And that's a big claim you made there. Who died and made you prez of Square Enix?

GUNS N SWORDS3667d ago

and yet EIDOS made a version for PC as well, must have ben a timed thing case i still have my old pc version some ware in my house and sony isn't on it.

zslash3667d ago

And your point is? Square Enix owns the IP. If a FFVII remake or sequel is in development you can bet it will be multi-platform. They've proven time and time again that they have no loyalty to one specific company. Not sure why some think the next big game they come out with will be PS3 exclusive. It isn't going to happen.

DJ3667d ago

Whether that's because of lack of interest or simply lack of quality is up in the air, but you can't blame them for making what sells. The genre definitely needs a reboot though.

Fox013667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

this is why they aren't doing a remake; because either it's going to the Wii/DS or it will be Multi (PS3/360) at best. Sony published FFVII so they "own" FFVII and it's remakes.

One guys opinion.

EDIT : apparently sony didn't publish FFVII. hmmm...

TapiocaMilkTea3667d ago

I rather it be a sequel. I mean.....FFVII was good and all, but then we all know how the story goes, can get boring.
For a remake, I rather see FFVI, it's one of the best and I think it deserves a decent remake.

Shadow Flare3667d ago

You say "Square wouldn't hesitate to bring this to 360" but as i recall they said recently and i quote, "With Final Fantasy XIII, we swung the ball in Microsoft's direction. Very soon we will be swinging it back in Sony's direction." This goes in conjunction with other quotes saying, "Very soon there will be a huge announcement that will shock FF7 fans". FF7 isn't just another Final Fantasy, it's very special to the people who made the original. I personally believe this game has as strong a bond with PlayStation as Metal Gear Solid does, and i don't think we will be seeing this one come to the xbox 360.

kewlkat0073667d ago

Or is it wishful thinking?...

Shadow Flare3667d ago

I don't own Square-Enix. What i said can be nothing but wishful thinking. I could never say it will never come to 360 because look at FF13. But then again look at MGS4. Still hasn't gone to 360. I like to think there are people in the gaming industry like Hideo Kojima who still have a little loyalty to platforms that made there visions and aspirations a reality. Not only that, but Kojima chose PS3 exclusivity for the main reason being it was the console most capable of achieving his ambitions. PS3 can make a better quality game then 360. And when developers are true to their projects then money isn't what sways the decision. Thats why FF13 was initially ps3 exclusive because ps3 was the best choice for the job. They only went to 360 for the money. And like i said, Square-Enix said, "we will be swinging the ball back in Sony's direction." Unlike others, i still feel Square has a level of loyalty with Sony. They didn't completely dump them like they did Nintendo. In fact Square's best projects are for ps3, or ps3-lead. I know you couldn't care less what happens kewlkat, but unlike you i'm a playstation fan throughout. And Final Fantasy VII is my all-time favourite game. I personally hope Final Fantasy VII never comes on xbox 360. My view

sumfood4u3667d ago

FFVII sequel will make a lot of gammers happy an take off alot of rumors on boards! FF7 will live in a lot of gammers hearts an forever will! Sorta sad Suikoden II didnt get all this publicity i think it deserves a little recognition!

3667d ago
juuken3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Yep, I agree.

And Dark vader, I'm a little pissed as well with Sony but then again, can you imagine what would happen if they went into a bidding war with Microsoft? Microsoft would offer one price for the game, Sony will offer'll keep going on and on until we won't even get to play the game.

I think that's why Sony is focusing all their resources on 1st party.

DaTruth3667d ago

I haven't played final fantasy since it didn't have a number on the end. I don't really like rpg's(although I did as a kid). But I would get this remake on the critical acclaim alone. If so many gamers love it it has to be a great game, and I'll stake $60 on it.

Playstation Man3667d ago

Why? Cause in Japan it would still be PS3 exclusive, just like FFXIII (That's where the console war effect would be), and XBOX players as always wouldn't buy the RPG.

I think after the FFXIII release, Square is going to have to rethink their "western expansion." RPGs don't sell worth a squat on the 360 and we've seen that with Eternal Sonata (incredible game). I think FFVII would be the same way, but if the 360 gamers get it to play it, then we all win out here cause we all get to play a great game!

I'd rather know that they're going all out optimizing the production for the PS3 for this, but I doubt it. I've lost all faith in Square for that. Whatever they do, just make it good!

Tomdc3667d ago

who eva thourght it would be any different after they said a new final fantasy 7 game is coming and then stated it wasn't a remake...?

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Harry1903667d ago

Greatest game I personally EXPERIENCED,yes,EXPERIENCED,no t PLAYED,because it was so musch bigger than that for me.

FF7 Rebirth Believe.

We will soon harness the powers of Nanaki and his sons and daughters again and travel through Cosmo Canyon to heal the Lifestream of Gaiai.

Believe my fellow comrades,BELIEVE.

meepmoopmeep3667d ago

hahah. i just bought FFVII + Strat Guide for $100 and playing it now.

i really hope for a remake instead of a sequel.
we'll find out this year though. this year for sure.

iamtehpwn3667d ago

Because hardcore fan boys of FFVII (even though I am one myself) would NOT accept any changes (although I would). Buttttt, it's a simple fact that FFVII was a PS1 game, and to translate it to a monster machine like PS3, there would be more changes than just graphics.

With FFVII-2 you will finally get a conclusion to the series, it can potentially be far more bigger than a remake of the original game. So, my Prediction: FFVII-2 ftw, FFVII-HD Remix on PSN.

mfwahwah3667d ago

That's why they would need the original team to do the remake. Any changes they make will probably just make the game better.

thebudgetgamer3667d ago

ff7 and phantasy star for the sega master system i want an remake bu the only thing i want changed is the visuals and some voice work i love the combat system of the first so to change that would be dissapointing to me

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Homicide3667d ago

Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't suck like Advent Children or Dirge of Cerberus. I'm guessing it's the sequel to Dirge of Cerberus. The secret ending left the possibility for a sequel.

fopums3667d ago

yup, the secret ending of Dirge of cerberus says it all.....well, Crisis Core helps, but there is a story put in place with DoC's ending, FF7-2 was more or less set in stone a couple years ago.

Playstation Man3667d ago

There's still somebody around that could cause some issues...

mfwahwah3667d ago

Somebody want to PM me this ending?

Homicide3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Here's the secret ending for dirge of cerberus. It starts at :50.

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TheColbertinator3667d ago

Another sequel?No thank you.But knowing Square Enix and their recent increasing hunger for money,who knows?

3667d ago
Playstation Man3667d ago

DoC may have been garbage but Crisis Core (prequel, not seque...I know) was an awesome game. If they can do something like that, I'd be happy.

MAiKU3667d ago

The movie... well that's a sequel, but not a game.

Crisis core is a prequel, and DoC was a spin-off.... so uh, this is kinda like the first sequel.

Harry1903667d ago

BELIEVE. Today I am nineteen and I am in a trance. People join me in this temporary moment of madness and pray for the homecoming of the Great One.

Midgar here we come again. Emerald Weapon,I will have my revenge.

zo6_lover273667d ago

You said you were in a trance, were not talking about FFIX here.

Harry1903667d ago

I didn't see that coming. Really cool. Deserves a bubble.

I'm in overdrive mode.Probably going to unleash some Limit break soon. I'll go with Omnislash.


zo6_lover273667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Yeah, but overdrive is FFX, limit break is right though.

Harry1903667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I'm just mixing all of them. Hum,maybe I should use Mist abilities too and unleash 29 hit combos.

zo6_lover273667d ago

Yeah and I'll summon some Eidions(or whatever there called)

God Final Fantasy is confusing.

Harry1903667d ago

They are called Aeons. Magus Sisters,Anima or even better:Knights of the Round?

zo6_lover273667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Aeon's was FFX, Eidions was FFIX, Guardian Forces was FFVIII, and Espers was FFXII, don't remember what FFVII was.


Oh yeah, its was so long ago, and why can FF be simpler?

Harry1903667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

They were simply called Summons. FF 9 was Eidolons,but ever since FF7 I only called them Summons.It's easier to remember.

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