IGN AU: Killzone 2: The Good, the Bad and the Pretty

Killzone 2 is surely one of the most anticipated titles on the horizon for PS3, but the question is – can the team deliver on the hype? IGN spent some time with the game a couple of days ago to see how it's shaping up. Rather than hit you with another straight-up preview, however, they have broken the experience down into a few points that they think are worth discussing, both good and bad.

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Playstation Man3588d ago

"Killzone 2 is currently shooting for an early 2009 release, so it's going to be very interesting to see how it develops. With such a solid foundation – in both single player and multiplayer, this may be one game that does live up to the hype."

The reason I bought a PS3 back at launch (based just on that tech vid). I can't freaking wait!

Real gamer 4 life3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Yea you beat me do it. I just got done reading the preview, and i was just going to quote that same sentence. really they didn't say anything negative about the game. they like everything from the cover system to the animation and color pallet. So the game is shaping up to be really good. I can't wait for feb.

cahill3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

KillZone2 will not only live up to the hype but surpass it

thanks Bloodmask for posting the story

EDIT: why the diagrees? :(

BkaY3588d ago

thts y "disagrees".....

no doubt it looks amazing as far as the graphics are concerned but we cant say that whole package will be "awesome"....
which includes
1...GAMEPLAY (to me its most important , i actually prefer gameplay over graphics)....

when you are going to play it then you can give your opinion on the basis of your experience in the game...

orakga3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Especially about your last point.

I think people overlook the importance of CONTROLS, especially when it comes to console-FPSs. Unlike PC FPSs, Console FPSs can really suffer when the controls are bad. This is ESPECIALLY true for the aiming portion, and by that I am talking about the right-stick and the overall sensitivity curve for look-movement. (I hope this term makes sense)

I played Killzone for 20 seconds before deeming it trash. Reason? It had by far the WORST aiming setting of ANY game, and it made aiming such a chore that the fun-factor was taken away completely by it. What's even sadder is that they released such a flawed aiming system almost TWO YEARs after Halo 1 had perfected it.

So, my biggest question for KZ2 was with this issue. All the videos and multiplayer features do look VERY NICE. But I was really hoping that they would fix/upgrade that crappy aiming system more than anything, because at the end that ties directly into GAMEPLAY. And while *I* personally could learn it, it limits the number of people who would find this game enjoyable, which in turn would affect the size of the multiplayer community. (Ever wonder why Halo has such a big community?)


Sadly, according to tests from E3, KZ2's aiming system HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. This comes from a respectful and close gaming buddy of mine whom I've been playing games with since 10 years ago. (he got the industry invite, while I was stuck at the office!! grrr)

He said this: "Resistance 2 MP... KICKS ASS!!! But KZ2... the controls are BAAADD" (this is a guy that hated Resistance 1 so much that we had a pretty heated argument about it two years ago, so that says something about R2's improvements)

Anyways, the point of my quote is that KZ2's controls remain poor. And it's unfortunate that media outlets like IGN are too preoccupied with "art direction" and "too much grey" (jesus, seriously?), than the gameplay aspect of it.

I've already written it off. I'll still buy it at launch just to check it out, but if the controls are as bad as I hear it is, I probably will put it up on eBay right away.

BTW, please don't flame me for bringing this up. I'm just saying this so that you guys don't get overhyped. I'd like this to get fixed if at all possible (and it's an easier fix than changing the "art direction"), because the game DOES LOOK very spectacular, and I need more games to play on my two PS3s.

p.s. I'm not an XBot. I do respect the Halo series greatly, but I own two PS3s just so I can play MGear Online with my GF side-by-side. I am just frustrated that this game will blow... which will really blow. ;)

shazam3587d ago

you push up on the analog stick, and the cross hair moves up, believe it or not the same thing happens for every other direction. you move it left, it move left and so on. if it moves too fast then tweak the sensitivity. aiming in kz1 was fine, why would killzone 2 be worse?

Highwayman3587d ago

I agree.
This game has a lot of potential and is imo the greatest looking game visually. I really like the dark and grittiness of the art direction with this title. Furthermore the gameplay appears to be solid, my only concern for KZ2 is keeping these grand visuals, but being able to keep a solid framerate come the retail build.
One thing that I do find a bit clunky, if you will is the cover system. But it's only a small thing for an FPS, nothing to really complain about.

supahbad3587d ago

i highly doubt that you won't be able to tweak the controls or sensitivity in KZ2, that would be silly to spend four years on the game and not include it.

oh and this game will rock

orakga3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

I really wish it were that simple. (and props to you if you had no problems with the KZ1 settings)

Yes, you move the stick right and it moves right, stick it left and it goes left. Of course I'm not talking about the basic functionality. What I'm talking about is how fast the cursor moves vs. how far you lean the stick, and how it is balanced across the full analog range of the stick. And that's not something you can adjust with the sensitivity setting alone (again, I wish it were that simple).

Changing the sensitivity will help adjust the maximum cursor speed, but does not allow you to adjust the smaller movements. And fine-aiming becomes hard if the sensitivity setting toward the center is to high or vice versa.

Then there are acceleration settings to think about as well...

So this is not something that can necessarily be tweaked on the user's end. It really comes down to the controls allowing the user to move his/her aim exactly as he/she intends to, but unfortunately too many games don't pay attention to this aspect.

Now, like I said, for regular FPS gamers (myself included), this is not a problem because we can adapt if we want to. But I don't want KZ2 to be a game just for the same crowd of 500,000 gamers. I'd like KZ2 to have a massive community (more games and longer lifespan!), especially considering how beautiful the game looks and how smoothly it runs.

But if it's too difficult for the regular joe to learn, the entire community will suffer. THAT's is what I'm worried about.


Every good game needs to let the noobs ease into the game. And every community should welcome the noobs.

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games4fun3588d ago

underscore_87 unfortanately i wont be online till august 27th (move into campus apartment) as my internet connection (parents home) is too slow for anything really(dial up)

C_SoL3588d ago

anyways, this game is going to kick fuking ass.

Wait, this will be your 1st time using your PS3 online?

games4fun3588d ago

no i bought a 60gig ps3 a year ago, i was in college last year too i've been playing psn online for a year, mostly Resistance Sniper only matches and Warhawk, only during the summer when i go back to my parents house do i not have a connection which is 3-4 months a year.

yea the game is going to kick [email protected]@ i dont know which class to be, Sabatour or Sniper its a toss up imo :)

BkaY3588d ago

its shaping up very very well.... i really like killzone 1..... but never finished it... i donno whether the story gonna continue from the end of killzone 1 or its gonna be new story.....

well best-looking fps till date... without a doubt.

Meus Renaissance3588d ago

It seems that the media are taking a cautionary yet optimistic approach to this title. The multiplayer will be a sure hit, no one will deny that but in regards to the single player campaign - there are some question marks, not neccessarily bad ones, but certain ones. I hope GG delivers because I trust IGN's previews more than anyone's

mistertwoturbo3588d ago

I think everybody should take a cautionary but optimistic approach to it.

Or else it'll be Killzone 1 all over again.

Although what looks pretty solid already is the Multiplayer. Even if the single player totally sucks balls, Multiplayer might make up for it.

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