NCSOFT's New Title : Steel Dog's First Video Revealed

In 'NCSOFT Media Day 2008', new combat-racing game <Steel Dog>'s first video revealed.

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NCsoft’s new title <STEEL DOG> is being developed under the motto of ‘extreme vehicle combat.’ It’s a new concept futuristic sport with the objective of providing entertainment through combats between diver vehicles with numerous weapons and special skills.

In order to satisfy the concept of new extreme combat sport that is enjoyed by adventurous youngsters of the future, this game provides vehicles with diverse characteristic traits and fun-to-play arenas (maps).

Players can participate in battles by themselves or in teams. They must maximize the application of their combat vehicle’s special skills as well as the characteristics of the arenas in order to destroy the opponents and achieve victory.

Moreover, single play modes along with diverse mini-games have been added to the background story, in an effort to provide not only the pleasure of PvP but also numerous other fun factors.

The realistic physics simulation applied in <STEEL DOG> offers maximization of fun through powerful vehicle combats. The newly adapted 3D Top View system materializes dynamic actions and strategic plays at the same time.

It is planned to launch the alpha-test for national users within fall of 2008, and the details of service methodology as well as its launch schedule are to be announced in due course.

Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: NCsoft
Genre: Vehicle Combat Sport
Release date: Planned for fall of 2008

• Maximization of powerful entertainment through vehicle combats based on realistic physics simulation.

• Materialization of both dynamic action and strategic play through the application of new concept 3D Top View system.

• Entertainment through exciting combat action between numerous special vehicles with diverse characteristic traits.

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incogneato3706d ago

looks good! maybe a PSN game?

ngg123453706d ago

An abomination. Compared to the other two games. Graphics look n64 rea.

ngg123453706d ago

it looked worst than the ingames tuff.

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