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Submitted by neomusket 2753d ago | image

NCSOFT's New MMORPG, Blade & Soul's HD Screenshots

NCSOFT revealed their new MMORPG, <Blade & Soul>'s HD screenshots.

You can see it on (Blade & Soul, PC)

Update ‘Blade&Soul’ is an Oriental Martial Arts MMORPG that breaks the traditional confined and monotonous game plays, providing the gamers a completely new experience. It is expected to open a new dimension of MMORPG through ‘game environment alteration,’ ‘expansion of tasks that a character can carry out within the game.’

The Oriental world portrayed by its unique graphics, diverse stories embedded in Oriental fantasy tales, and maximized action that has never been witnessed in online games until now will lead gamers to a completely new experience.

Product Information
Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: NCsoft
Genre: Oriental Martial Arts MMORPG
Website: -
Release date: N/A

Main Characteristics

• Oriental Martial Arts Action: It is full of symbolic and well known Oriental martial art elements such as ‘Energy Ball’, ‘Inner Energy’, ‘Swift jump,’ etc. The important themes of Oriental martial art fantasies such as justice and chivalry are richly spread throughout the game by means of martial art.

• Oriental-features: Breaking away from the traditional medieval fantasy world, it takes an Oriental mysticism as the background environment. The basic world-view is based on the Korean myth ‘Song of Genesis,’ and the factions within the game are also modeled after Korean mythological characters

• Constantly Changing Environment: Within ‘Blade&Soul,’ many conditions change according to the play of the gamer, on the other hand, the environment creates diverse situations for the gamers. This system will provide the gamers with a new experience that has not been witnessed until now.

• Powerful Action: The main motto of battles within ‘Blade&Soul’ is ‘super powerful action’ that can distinguish itself from existing games. Players can knock back opponents and use diverse fancy skills according to the condition the gamers are posed in. The game aspires to provide battles that are enjoyable even by just watching them. Everyone can enjoy the battles of ‘Blade&Soul’ through simple comtrol.

sushipoop  +   2753d ago
BEAUTIFUL! PLEASE let this be their PS3 game lol.
Real gamer 4 life  +   2753d ago
Yes pretty please.
Playstation Man  +   2753d ago
Judging by the design and art style
And Sony's need for a good RPG with imagery their home territory can relate to, it's very possible this IS the PS3 game. Sure hope so.
gaffyh  +   2753d ago
This game looks really good, very possibly the PS3 game, the other one (Steel Dog) looks crap.
Bnet343  +   2753d ago
This looks very awesome, but I don't like paying monthly fees for MMO's at $15.
mikeslemonade  +   2752d ago
Unless this unreal engine 3 this game will not look good on the 360. 360 hasn't proven it can handle big enviroments without pop up and frame rate issues. It has no blu-ray, no hdd required installs, and no dedicated servers.
neomusket  +   2753d ago
A writer from said to me &quot;All is for PC platform&quot;
These titles will be tested in Korea and Korea is not Console Empire.
TheColbertinator  +   2753d ago
But Sony paid for these last year to come to the PS3
B-Rein  +   2753d ago
well softmax is a korean company and they made a ps2 game and also the same art designer (Hyung-Tae) Kim as Magna Carta: Tears of Blood is designin for this game
also it dusn't say anywhere on the site what platform its on.... well maybe its Pc but cud be ps3, sony did pay for an MMORPG to NCsoft, maybe NCsoft is planning anotehr title for ps3 well knows time will tell
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clintos59  +   2753d ago
This game looks fantastic...
I really do hope that it makes its way to the ps3. I can totally see myself enjoying tons of hours on this game.
moses  +   2753d ago
Hate me for saying it, but I feel compelled.

This game looks awfully queer, haha.
Laexerias  +   2753d ago
Split a Lake in two and then say this again.
mistertwoturbo  +   2753d ago
It all seems to be by perspective.

I for one, noticed the extremely hot half naked anime chicks with white underwear and 46 DD's.
games4fun  +   2753d ago
i do hate you lol

anyway i thought it looks awfully like... Vagrant Story and Kingdom Hearts art syle is definately there
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SSJSubgeta  +   2753d ago
I am surprised none has mentioned that the art style and character design are from Hyung-Tae Kim. He works for NC Soft now, before that he worked on Softmax. Magna Carta/War of Genesis titles too. The game looks very promising like other builds but since it is only being tested on Korean region on PC only format. I wonder how well that will do. Lineage 2 is popular as all heck out there too.
Azurite  +   2753d ago
Recognized the art style...
but couldn't put my finger on it.
Thanks :)
Bonsai1214  +   2753d ago
i would like to see NCsoft put more money into ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 rather than console mmos.
Fox01  +   2753d ago
I can't wait for GW2
I stopped playing GW about 2/3 months ago. The game isn't really what it used to be (Prophecies' era was great); "Heros" turned the game into and RPG.
SlyGuy  +   2753d ago
I could not agree more Fox.

I played GW religiously until heroes were released. I stopped about 8 months now I think.

Everyone seemed to be doing missions with heroes rather than real people and to me it took away the MMO feel greatly.
Bolts  +   2753d ago
This when I thought Asian male characters can't be more meterosexual
I'm wrong. Now they just look gay as hell. That guy looks like he's ready to kick some ass, then have a good cry, followed by spa treatment and a five star manicure.
Bangladesh  +   2753d ago
...followed by a pedicure, and a diary entry.
Tacki  +   2753d ago
Those are some nice visuals for an MMORPG. I'm quite impressed! We can only hope this one will be coming to the PS3. I'll certainly be interested if it does.
Pain  +   2753d ago
Oh hell Yes please on PS3 !!
come on NCsoft ~
Bangladesh  +   2753d ago
O.k. Microsoft, enough with the anime MMO's we already have 2. I want Age of Conan, Huxley, and APB, like yesterday.

edit- My bad, I mistook NCSOFT for MSFT.
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SIX  +   2753d ago
Holy smokes!
NewSchoolGamer  +   2753d ago
I'm wondering
if this game will be completely level based. If it is followed by regular anime crap I'm not buying.
wizwiz  +   2753d ago
Look at this
Let's talk about this Trailer
wizwiz  +   2753d ago
Look at this
Let's talk about this Trailer
JeepGamer  +   2753d ago
Here's Hoping
Korean MMOs follow a pattern of having fantastic graphics, amazing animation, highly detailed monsters...

And a dull mind numbing grind for gameplay.
Maddens Raiders  +   2753d ago
....(........) -
dachiefsman  +   2753d ago
wow this is border line smut.
B-Rein  +   2753d ago
WHERS that ps3 mmorpg that NCsoft promised
Skyreno  +   2753d ago

Geyimeodeul abroad, focused attention on the blade aensoul

스크린샷과 영상 공개되자 국내외에서 뜨거운 반응 Screenshots and video at home and abroad was a hot public reaction
[shiraz] [shiraz]

엔씨소프트가 31일 ‘ 미디어데이 2008 ’ 행사에서 공개한 신작들에 대한 게이머들의 반응이 뜨겁다 . NCsoft 31 days' 2008 Media Day 'event in New published about their reaction, the gamer is hot. 인터넷을 통해 영상과 스크린샷을 접한 해외 게이머들도 높은 관심은 보이고 있다. Through the Internet, video and screenshot showing interest in high also bordering geyimeodeul overseas.

이번에 엔씨소프트가 공개한 신작은 모두 3 개 . The new NCsoft has released all three. 기존에 < 프로젝트 M>으로 알려졌던 무협액션 MMO RPG < 블레이드앤소울 > 과 슈팅액션 MO RPG <메탈블랙 얼터너티브>, 그리고 이종차량 격투 게임 < 스틸독 >이다. Existing "Project M> originally known as Action Martial Arts MMO RPG , fighting vehicles and two kinds of games .

세 게임 모두 관심을 끌고 있지만, <블레이드앤소울>에 대한 국내외 게이머들의 반응은 가히 폭발적이다. Although all three games attract attention, "Blade aensoul> gamer at home and abroad for their reaction is almost explosive. 특히 Specifically, 김형태 아트 디렉터 특유의 캐릭터와 일러스트가 그대로 게임에 반영된 점이 관심거리다. 국내 게이머들은 ‘ 육덕지다 ’ 는 표현을 써가며 특정 신체부위가 강조된 <블레이드앤소울>의 캐릭터에 호감을 표시하고 있다. Art director of the distinctive characters and illustrations tae the game is still interested in being reflected away. Gamers are domestic 'yukdeokjida' is a representation of certain parts of the body is highlighted sseogamyeo crush on the character.

해외에서도 발표 후 몇 시간이 지나지 않아 반응이 올라오고 있다. A few hours after the announcement abroad is not just a reaction up. 특히 <블레이드앤소울>의 독특한 캐릭터와 수려한 그래픽, 전투 액션 등이 해외 게이머들의 시선을 사로잡고 있다. Especially 's unique character and beautiful graphics, combat action abroad, and gamers will grab their attention.

영어권 개방형 게임뉴스 사이트 N4G 에 등록된 < 블레이드 앤소울> 게시물에는 호평이 쏟아지고 있다. N4G registered to open the game in English-speaking news site posts that raves are pouring.

해외 게이머 ‘ incogneato ’ 는 “ 맙소사 ! 이 게임 정말 대단하다 ! 이 게임이야말로 내가 즐길만한 MMORPG 다 . 다른 모든 게임들은 모두 한 수 접고 들어갈 것 ” 이라는 댓글을 통해 기대감을 드러냈다 . Overseas gamers' incogneato ' "Oh my God! This game it's great! Nature of this game I might enjoy all the MMORPG All other games are all put into one," said a comment by expectation.

또 다른 게이머 ‘ kazuma ’ 또한 “ 그래픽이 훌륭하다 , 프로젝트 M 은 정말 충격적이다 , 끝내주는 게임이 되었으면 좋겠다 ” 고 말하며 < 블레이드앤소울 > 의 그래픽에 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다 . Another gamer 'kazuma' "The graphics are swell, M project is really shocking, I hope has been a decent game," saying spared no praise for the graphics.

해외 온라인게임 전문 웹진 MMORPG.com의 게이머들도 감탄을 쏟아내고 있다. Agencies specializing in online games overseas geyimeodeul also pours out of admiration. 그들은 이미 <프로젝트 M>이라는 가칭이 공개된 이후부터 <블레이드앤소울>에 대한 뜨거운 관심을 보이고 있었다. They already "Project M> has published a provisional title since was interested in the hot.

MMORPG.com의 회원 ID ‘ Roin ’ 은 “ 동영상을 보고 난 후 3 분 동안이나 바닥에 떨어진 내 턱을 주우려 했다 ” 고 말하며 “ 직접 (하는) 플레이는 어떨지 궁금하지만 동영상은 나를 정말로 흥분하게 만들었다 ” 고 소감을 말했다. member of the ID 'Roin' "After watching the movie or three minutes away from my chin to the floor juwooryeo," saying he "direct (that) will play a movie, but wondered what made me really excited" What do I think he said.

눈에 띄는 점 한가지는 상당수의 해외 게이머들이 엔씨소프트의 PS3 용 타이틀을 원하고 있다는 것이었다 . One noticeable point is the large number of overseas gamers want NCsoft titles for the PS3, it was there. 실제로 < 블레이드앤소울 > 이 PS3 플랫폼으로 출시되기를 기대하고 있는 해외 게이머들이 적지 않은 상황이다. In fact, PS3 platform, is expected to be released in the overseas situation is not just a few gamers.

해외 게이머들은 지난해 7 월 보도된 엔씨소프트의 PS3 용 MMO 개발 소식을 근거로 < 블레이드앤소울 >이 PS3 버전으로도 나올 것이라고 기대했다. 이번에 공개된 3개 게임은 일단 PC용으로 개발되고 있다. Gamers are overseas in July last year, NCsoft reported the news of the PS3 as the basis for developing MMO PS3 version is also said that it expects this to the public once the three games are being developed for the PC.

한편 , 함께 공개된 < 메탈블랙 얼터너티브 >에는 화끈한 액션에 관심을 보였고, < 스틸독 > 에 대해서도 흥미롭다는 반응이 나오는 등 해외에서도 관심이 이어지고 있다. Meanwhile, with public had an interest in the hot action, "seutildok> is also interesting about the reaction abroad, including interest for many years.

^^ So confuse
Greedy Genius  +   2753d ago
isnt NCsoft under sony's wing
i coulda sworn they said something like that in e3 2007
xionpunk  +   2753d ago
VERY nice!!
THE_JUDGE  +   2753d ago
I hope that whatever NCSoft puts on the PS3
it isn't all MMO's. There's only so many of those I think can work on a console. Some sweet RPG would be nice though.
lewis  +   2753d ago
but the only problem is whay????
kesvalk  +   2753d ago
i will only be interested if this is not another point and click MMO, give me something in the lines of devil may cry and chaos legion and i will see if i will play, played MMOs for more than 10 years, don't want to waste my time in another "click monster/see your char attacking/click another monster" thing.

and, as far as i know, this is PC ONLY, why ncsoft would do it for a console? the MMO gamers are all in PC gaming anyway...
midgetsanx  +   2753d ago
People are hoping it also comes out for the PS3 because SONY announced at E307 that they had a deal with NCSOFT to make some RPGS.
AmpedMan  +   2752d ago
We need an MMO where players actually have some sort of impact on the world if they're good enough. Sort of like mimicking the real world (and Second Life) in a way. Be good enough; have a true impact, advance the world to new heights or take it asunder with your evil ways.

Oh well, I'm still stuck in a pipe dream. I guess this is a step forward for the 360 platform. Now about that Halo-themed MMO...
kkod05   2752d ago | Spam

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