NCSOFT's New Title : Metal Black Alternative's Playing Video

A Korean game webzine uploaded <Metal Black Alternative>'s first playing video.


Introduction of Product

MetalBlack: Alternative, (MetalBlack from hereafter), is a ‘Hero Combat RPG.’ It is a next-generation action role playing game that merges the excitement of shooter action games with the pleasure of leveling characters in RPGs.

The game play within MetalBlack is based on arcade shooters, breaking away from the traditional ‘Hack and Slash’ game-play and pursuing ‘Shoot and Bomb’ actions.

Players can level their mercenaries with special abilities and unique talents by clearing diverse missions in form of episodes.

Its intuitive interface and simple control will allow anyone to learn quickly and have fun. Short missions and quick match modes will provide fun without grind.

Moreover, its physical engine will allow you to experience powerful knock-over actions based on realistic shooting and destruction effects.

Reference) Physical Engine_ Physical engine is a software that mimics real-world action and reaction among substances through high-velocity computation.

Main Characteristics

• Easy to learn and enjoy through simple control and intuitive interface.

• Choose from numerous hero characters with unique looks and talents.

• Physical dynamics are applied to the game environment, providing realistic strategic game-play taking advantage of high grounds and obstacles.

• Numerous missions in form of episodes that can be cleared either by solo-play or team-play.

• Diverse match modes such as: Squad combat mode; where players team up and fight each other, FFA mode; where individual players fight each other to be an only champion, etc.

Product Information
Publisher: NCsoft
Developer: NCsoft
Genre: Shooter Action RPG

Release date: N/A

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ngg123453639d ago


sonarus3639d ago

Where the hell are the ps3 exclusives damn it

ngg123453639d ago

That is how all rpg's should play like. Not boring broken gameplay, or turn based.

killax35633639d ago

Looks hot. But if this isn't for the ps3 they need to start showing their ps3 stuff.

NCSoft is a pretty talented developer (I used to play City of Heroes a lot)..... I'm interested to see what they could do with the ps3 hardware.

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ngg123453639d ago

Graphics could improve significantly but, love the concept.

mistertwoturbo3639d ago

Definitely for PC. Let's hope for a PS3 version.