New Survival Horror Game, Cursed Mountain, Announced for Wii

Via Kombo: "I think it's safe to say that the Wii could use all the core games it can get at this point. If -- like me -- you're desperately looking for something to look forward to on Wii, perhaps this could be it. Developer and publisher Deep Silver announced today that it is developing a survival horror game for Wii, titled Cursed Mountain."

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cooke153669d ago

Another one to add to my growing list of 09 games for Wii

Mayle3669d ago

yeah ill add it to my 2009 list aka The Conduit and Madworld

Prismo_Fillusion3669d ago

This sounds awesome! Can't wait.

KidMakeshift3669d ago

Please don't be another "Escape From Bug Island"

Nervz3669d ago

With the title of the game.

Sounds interesting tho. But nothing beats Silent Hill in terms of scare-factor, IMO.

PwnShop3668d ago

I think it'll be good. Deep silver also made Stalker, which was renowned for having an incredible atmosphere and hopefully this will too.

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