1UP: Double D Dodgeball Review

Even after cutting it copious slack for being an Xbox Live Arcade game, and even when you realize developer Yuke's Company of America purportedly made it look the way it does to capitalize on recent retromania, Double D Dodgeball is a ghastly state of affairs. Confusing to behold, horridly uninvolving to play, and certainly not built for the long haul, this top-down look at the ball-walloping playground staple simply never should have been released in its current form.

The long, long list of what's wrong with this utter waste of 800 Microsoft Points begins with the control scheme. In Yuke's version of Dodgeball, the key skill is turning your little player, as quickly as possible, in the direction of incoming balls or before firing off one of your own. Yet the right analog stick is simply too imprecise and too unresponsive to effectively handle such a chore. When a game's most prominent control doesn't work correctly, one can be forgiven for tossing one's gamepad at the nearest wall.

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