TeamXbox: Spectral Force 3 Review

Given the current economic climate, role playing game fanatics will be faced with some very tough decisions in the near future. Gamers are on the forefront of a RPG boom on the Xbox 360, with players such as Square Enix, Bethesda and Lionhead ready to do battle for whatever money you have left over after filling up the H2.

There is yet another band of marketeers making a play for your ducats in 2008. Publisher Atlus will have offered up not one, not two, but three JRPG's stateside before 2009 gets here. Two of Atlus' products-the recently released Operation Darkness and the up-and-coming Zoids Assault-have strong themes which will at least pique the interest of the JRPG preemies looking for a reason to spend some extra money in these trying times.

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