Where is My Gaming Girl?

Chris Rah Osiris of Playstation writes:

The decision to focus on the lifestyle aspects of Playstation and the individuals that own the console prompted an interesting conversation between myself and Sev1512. If you have spent any time on the forums, you'd know that I've been single for the past 5 years. Sev says that I am just married to work and school. I think he may be right. The truth of that statement does not change the fact that I am the only author on PSLS that is single. So….this caused me to think about the prospect of finding a girl that loves gaming, Playstation in particular, as much as I do. Here's a checklist of some of the characteristics and interests that I hope she has:

* She doesn't have to be a Crash Bandicoot fan, but please tell me that you played Super Mario Bros.

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Kami3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

a way to pick up a gamer girl is by going to a game store and look in there both costumers and employees. There are many gaming girls but is hard part to find a NICE gamer girl. Ill rather go to the Gym and get a girl there. who said bodybuilders arent hot.

LeonSKennedy4Life3581d ago

That chick would be so hott...

...if she wasn't a dude.

AAACE53581d ago

One thing alot of people need to realize is alot of girls who like gaming originally did so because they had no social life. Usually because of their looks and/or self-esteem. The theory that a guy can love games and have a super model type chick who loves games as well is far fetched! If you were to find a girl who fit the criteria, you would probably fail to meet their expectations. You may be too fat, skinny, dorky, ugly, shy, paranoid, etc.

Best thing to do is find a normal girl who loves gaming that has undiscovered beauty! You can find them... they are everywhere! You just couldn't see them cause you were focused on the chick who already knew she was hot! lol!

Fox013581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I guess I'm lucky then, coz my GF loves games (only 3 actually : WoW, San Andreas and NFS, all on PC) and she's one of the prettiest girls in my University (well that's my opinion).

I remember, 2 years ago I was looking for a "gamergirl" on the XBL; I met a lot, the only problem was their looks; they were so ugly, I finally gave up and started looking for "normal" girls.

Horny3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I tried to get my girl to play games but she is too damn uncordinated. When playin any shooting game shes either looking at the sky or the ground.
She can play Super Mario World though, she had SNES when she was young which she gave to me recently.