GamePro Feature: The 24 Best PS3 Games

Who says the PS3 doesn't have great games? Like its predecessors, Sony's next-gen console is destined to be the home of some truly awe-inspiring games, and already has several gems to its credit. Here are the 24 titles that every PlayStation 3 owner should have in their collection.

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Dir_en_grey3706d ago

Siren: Blood Curse needs to be on that list...

Bubble Buddy3706d ago

I don't agree with Assassin's Creed. Though amazing concept, it just got way too boring after a while.

Playstation Man3706d ago

Siren was a fantastic game! I would certainly put it in there before the likes of Assassin's Creed and our shoddy version of Orange Box. It's my favorite true survival horror game to date!

theusedfake3706d ago

Folklore should have been on there somewhere,
it was a very good game (weird, but good lol)

Playstation Man3706d ago

Especially late in the game with aiming (final boss). I also think Folklore suffers due to it's comic book presentation. It got the same complaints Resistance's slideshow look got. Remember, gaming media love visuals and those two weren't packing it.

juuken3706d ago

Bah, Assassin's Creed sucked IMO. There was just something about that game I couldn't get into.

Woo-hoo, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and MGS4 ftw.

Milky3705d ago

replace assassins creed with Siren.

shazam3705d ago

vr simulation thing in assasins creed just ruined it. also how could all that info from all toose previous generations be stored in just 3 billion A's T's G's and C's and then have enough room for all of your genes? the whole fact that the game was trying to be realistic but was totally impossible just pissed me off. also the hud took up like half of the screen's total surface area.

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eagle213706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

"Why It's Great: Like Rock Band, GTA IV's a tossup. More opponents for online play is great, but we're big fans of better graphics, and the PS3 has an ever so slight edge in that department. Plus the install cuts down on loading screens, which gives us more time to ram firetrucks into dirtbikes."

Xbots are in delusion. :)

Overall, nice post. I would shuffle some and place MLB 08': The Show higher. Glad to see some PSN titles. Snake belongs where his awesome spot is. And Uncharted: Drake's Fortune would be my personal undisputed #2.

Gamekilla3706d ago

does not deserve number 6, gta4 does not deserve number 2....

separate thought: if they waited a day, i'm almost certain pixeljunk eden would be included...

antoinetm3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )


GTA => boring after a while
Ass Creed => same

warhawk should be higher
even fifa should be there

but those are nothing compared to the greatness of Puzzle Fighter *turbo*!

MGS4 : definitely the best

LossTheEarthbreaker3705d ago

How would you order it? What else would you include?

I think this list is very sad as the current state of the best the PS3 has to offer, what with all the titles that are on 360 also and the large amount of not-so-amazing PSN titles.

SL1M DADDY3705d ago

First off, your comment was not needed as it is just a representation of pure fanboy flame bait.

Secondly, I agree that Eden should be on the list and Assassins Creed should not be.

I would add:


And would remove:

Assassins Creed

That's just my opinion though.

cmrbe3706d ago

sofar. Good list. Couldn't agree more with MGS4 being number 1

spectyre3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I have 14 :P
Heavenly Sword, PJ Monsters, Everyday Shooter, Warhawk, Oblivion(I don't have GOTY ed. but I count it anyway), Super Stardust, Assasin's Creed, Resistance, Motorstorm, Orange Box, COD 4, Uncharted, GTA4, MGS4.

PirateThom3706d ago

I have 12... but I do have Orange Box on 360.

cmrbe3706d ago

I would have bought more but i am not connected online. Superstar dust looks nice.

I had my PS3 since Dec 06 so i had alot of time to buy games. I have 17 total btw.

Torch3706d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I surprised myself by counting ten of my own titles in there...not including COD4 and Half Life 2 (c''s ALMOST like the orange box, right???) on the PC.

@cmrbe (4.0):
An enthusiastic "INDEED!!!"...Man, I just can't get myself to strive towards finishing the final battle in Act 5...I honestly don't want it to end. :(

...well, errr...that, and by the time I get the opportunity to play it, it's usually too late at night to sit through the assumingly inevitable five hour final cutscene. ;)

BTW: How'd you manage to so quickly run out and pick up an additional seven titles to add to your existing ten? O_o

cmrbe3705d ago

10 on this list of 24. I have 7 other games that are not on this list like DMC4, FNR3, FIFA 08, Viking Battle for Asgard, VF5, GT5P and The Darkness.

Torch3705d ago

Oh. Pardon my brain-fart.

I see we share some similar tastes...and titles:

-VF5 (minus the online...arrrgh!)
-Darkness was almost a buy, but ended up renting (and enjoying) it
-was anticipating getting FIFA even before having my launch PS3, but the demo and reviews disappointed me.

hfaze3705d ago

The only ones I don't have are:

MLB 08
Battlefield: Bad Company
Rock Band (I have it on the 360, but not on the PS3)

I have had my PS3 since December of '06, and I currently have 23 disc-based games and too many PSN titles (my PS3 games section on the XMB is getting crowded).

All in all I have owned 28 PS3 games over the time I have owned the system (gave away Tiger '07 and Fight Night: Round 3, traded in Ridge Racer 7, NFS: Carbon, and Rainbow Six: Vegas)

As far as my 360, I own five games for it (Halo 3, CoD4, Gears of War, Ace Combat 6, and Rock Band)... Can you tell which one I prefer? ;-)

Torch3705d ago

Whore!!! ;)

Curious: How come you chose the 360 Rock Band over the PS3?

caffman3705d ago

Rock band isn't on the PS3 in the UK. Its a 360 exclusive at the mo and the wii version comes out in october I think. But still no plans for the PS3 version

Dark General3705d ago

Of the 24 games listed. Warhawk, Ass Creed, Resistance, Orange Box, CoD4, Uncharted, GTA4 and MGS4 (of course). I would some PSN games but Sony has been so freaking slow on releasing the PSN cards. I might just break down and use a debit card to buy some PSN titles (Echochrome, everyday shooter and MM9). I would personally put Uncharted at #2.

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