1UP: Spore at the Cellular Level

Robert Ashley of 1UP writes:

"When gamemakers decide to open up their magical chocolate factories to the public by doling out videos, screenshots, and demos, what we see of a game in the making tends to look and play like the final product. The point is, after all, to sell that product to potential customers. But when Maxis Software recently made prototypes from the making of Spore available to the public -- experiments created years ago during the early stages of the game's development -- their motivation was loftier. "We felt that releasing some of the very early, concept-defining prototypes for Spore might be interesting to our players," says Lucy Bradshaw, the game's executive producer. "Maxis has a long tradition of sharing tools with our players; our fans have taken these tools and added to them or managed to do things in our games that have surprised us."

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