Daybreak used long-lost code to launch a surprise for EverQuest II players

Game companies don’t often get to play a happy trick on their customers.

EverQuest II‘s designers got an idea early in June: They would release two new servers for their free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG that would only have the original game on them, circa 2004. Players would vote for when the company should open up the game’s expansion packs on those servers.

One piece of the game would be missing, presumed lost forever: The starting zone, which consisted of an island and boat ride, could not be recovered. Players were irate, saying this wasn’t nostalgia, this was just two new servers.

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ColManischewitz1068d ago

MMO developers really do care about their players.

Gbits1068d ago

I loved how they derailed the forum guesses about the island coming back.

Perjoss1068d ago

The tutorial zone they are talking about had an amazing piece of music:

greenmiker1067d ago

A great interview by Games beat.