X-Play Preview: Left 4 Dead

Blair brings you an early look at the upcoming FPS from Valve, 'Left 4 Dead' and we take a look at the various classes of zombie you'll encounter in your quest for survival.

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infinate3705d ago

Game looks like a ton of fun

Does anybody know if you can switch charactors in the singe player game?

Xbox is the BEST3705d ago

we got to wait till November

cahill3704d ago

L4D is looking to be a good game

i have a very powerful PC so i will be playing it on my PC at 60 fps

TheIneffableBob3704d ago

I'll also be getting it on the PC.

The custom maps will be awesome. A shopping mall scenario would be great.

foodbox3704d ago

I'll be gettng it for my Xbox 360 so I can play on my 60" Plasma, in the living room couch with my friends.

Gaming on the PC is too anti-social. No thanks, I prefer to enjoy my family and friends.

Besides, who can stand sitting for hours on end hunched over a desk? screw that.

Xbox 360 Day 1 purchase.

TheIneffableBob3704d ago

I'll also be playing Left 4 Dead on my 60" HDTV on my PC on a nice comfy couch.

Stop spreading lies.

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KobeT243704d ago

Were they running that on the PC or 360 version? The graphics dont look to good.

HighDefinition3704d ago

They haven`t really shown it on 360 yet, I`m pretty sure. I know @ E3 it was on PC. So.....

Game looks great though.

cahill3704d ago

but x360 can also handle it fine since graphically it is not that good

TheIneffableBob3704d ago

You guys don't like the graphics?
Personally, I think they're fantastic. While they're not mind-blowingly-awesome like Crysis, they still look really nice and the graphics were designed in such a way as to enhance the gameplay experience.

Bangladesh3704d ago

I'll certainly be picking this game up, but I agree with Kobe. The graphics aren't horrible, but I'm hoping that by Nov it has more polish than it does right now(which it should). The gameplay looks dead on though. The video that I posted below gives me an "Oh sh*t" moment just from watching it.

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GiantEnemyCrab3704d ago

I can't wait for this game. Should be scary fun.

Alpha_Gamer3704d ago

Gameplay looks like a lot of fun. This and gears in november? 360 owners are in for a treat!

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The story is too old to be commented.