The Top 10 Reasons Why Halo 3 Is Back On Top

IGN: If you enjoy following the Xbox Live usage data released by Microsoft each week, then by now you've surely noticed that Halo 3 has reclaimed its throne as the most played game while users are connected to Xbox Live.

This week is the second straight that the Master Chief has sat on top. We've got the top 10 reasons why people are back in the Warthog driver's seat.

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Homicide3639d ago

Because there are no other games to play on the 360.

iceice1233639d ago

You couldn't have finished MGS4 already, you probably still have 12 more hours of movie to watch, with 1 minute of gameplay left.

GiantEnemyCrab3639d ago

How funny a fishhead saying the 360 has no games. LOL That was a good one.

I guess as a POS3 owner misery loves company.

Bangladesh3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Congratulations,not only did you do an exceptional job at making yourself look like a sony fanboy, but a sony fanboy that just happens to also be an idiot.

360 owners not only have more games, they have more quality games than the PS3 & Wii combined.

See for yourself "braintrust"

PS3 & Wii

PimpDaddy3639d ago

Here is a whole list of Xbox 360 games that disagree with you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3639d ago

We have 3 times as games as you, and thats a fact....:)

AngryTypingGuy3639d ago

PS3...MGS4 and what else? The 360 has WAY more good games than the PS3, even without the year's head start.

syanara3639d ago

if microsoft has all these great games then why is it that halo 3 is the only one they seem to be playing?

AngryTypingGuy3639d ago

Just because it's on top doesn't mean it's the only game we're playing. It's just a helluva lot of fun, and it has a following unlike any other exclusive out there. Not to mention, look at how many copies of the game were bought.

silverchode3639d ago

3 times the games 3 times the flops?
fact:halo can be beat in 77minutes

Cynical-Gamerzus3639d ago

who wants to play some old low def game that hurts your eyes and blur the hell out of your brand new HDTV set!! why should I sit back 12 feet from my tv and ruin my experience!!!!
Why should I repeat levels over in a game why ? should I look at some old PC engine that is rehashed for some PC technology FPS shooter that has already reached its Peak!!!!

Give me something new give me a new game that used 50GB of bluray or something massive not some nasty old 9 GB game that repeats itself over that FPS BS leave it on a PC I want Console games~!

theKiller3639d ago

may be because its the only game they have left and the reason they bought the 360?

syanara3638d ago

its in the lead by a large margin lol

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NewSchoolGamer3639d ago

I don't know what the big deal is about halo being the top played game on Xbox Live. LOL

It's the xbox360's biggest game and halo is well known for it's multiplayer.

Montrealien3639d ago

It is a big deal for some, maybe not you.

read disc error3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

They need to limit grenade spam and reduce the power of snipers. Snipers should not have the option of overkill where they have both a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. If you're a sniper then you should have a sniper rifle and a handgun just like Counterstrike. Also, the idea of combining XP grinding and no penalty for death with a strategy based FPS is sort of a bad idea because it produced a whole type of player that constantly runs and guns not caring if they die.

They should get rid of martyrdom or limit it's power and/or frequency in some way.

They need more quantity and variety of Hardcore game types. Hardcore team deathmatch is boring for hardcore players, like myself, because most hardcore players are in it for strategic objective-based gameplay. The other hardcore gametype is good but we need more of that. Maybe a hostage rescue scenario like Counterstrike. Hardcore play is neglected in COD4. COd4 is too much geared to casual players.


i find it lazy having to hold left trigger to the kill stupid and feels like its cheating i havent played it in a long while and i dont plan to,seeing people using juggernaut, martydom is just lazy i must say, halo im a die hard fan of then game nothing can replace halo at all. ive been a halo player since my junior year of high school im 20, now i still love halo and bungie, and having the skulls all the skulls in halo 3 turned on is just f**king awesome and playing with people you know is just much better, so i stand by master chief

darkshiz3639d ago

Maybe they are tired of COD4.

Tired of getting kicked because the host left (They promised to fix but never did), tired of host advantage, tired of the same map over and over again, tired of seeing campers everywhere, tired of grenade spam, tired of juggernauts with martyrdom, and tired of other reasons.

Bucky Sligo3639d ago

1. They did fix the "host has left the game" issue. They migrate to the next best host.
2. I havn't seen an host advantage in COD4 EVER. I realy don't know what you are talking about.
3. Same map over and over again? Show me a game that has infinity maps that you don't play over and over again.

Anywho, that aside. The reason I stopped playing is because I just had enough. COD4 is an excellent multiplayer game and I played it a realy long time but enough is enough.

darkshiz3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Tell that to the PS3 owners.
Everytime a host ****ing leaves the room closes.

Might be fixed for the 360 owners but ****ing PS3 owners get the short end of the stick.

They don't even bother adding something simple as rumble in the game, while Naughty Dog does it around a day.

RoyBoys3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

WOOO! lol That guy lives by me!
"Thats the way to beat Halo3!"

JasonPC360PS3Wii3639d ago

All because he sucked at the game, sounds like a whining droid to me.

syanara3639d ago

its all in good fun lol its not to be a fanboy in either way if it waas warhawk he would do the same thing lol