American Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending July 26th, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimate for American hardware and software chart for week Ending July 26th, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: [Last Week #]

DSL: 187,182 (+9%) [172,028]
Wii: 160,745 (-2%) [164,005]
360: 87,975 (-25%) [117,626]
PSP: 77,525 (-2%) [78,785]
PS2: 39,572 (+4%) [38,038]
PS3: 28,579 (-50%) [57,064]

Top 10 Software:

1 Wii Sports (Wii) 160,745 13,301,776
2 NCAA Football 09 (360) 83,806 374,433
3 Wii Fit (Wii) 70,602 1,474,584
4 Wii Play (Wii) 69,934 6,762,729
5 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 63,539 2,694,625
6 Final Fantasy IV DS (DS) 47,621 47,621 [NEW]
7 Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) 45,569 612,374
8 NCAA Football 09 (PS3) 42,658 167,321
9 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) 37,445 1,081,823
10 Nintendogs (DS) 31,930 7,313,384

Software Totals: [Last Week Total]

DSL: 1,004,409 (+2%) [980,838] Tie Ratio: 4.31
Wii: 992,229 (-9%) [1,096,077] Tie Ratio: 6.13
360: 814,960 (-30%) [1,158,736] Tie Ratio: 9.26
PS3: 451,027 (-21%) [571,147] Tie Ratio: 6.58
PS2: 349,917 (-18%) [425,420] Tie Ratio: n/a
PSP: 229,037 (-12%) [259,199] Tie Ratio: 4.02

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Overr8ed3705d ago

i know some group of people are going to approve this.

Real gamer 4 life3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

yea wait i stand corrected, the boss that own vchart said that there a huge shortage of ps3, sony is probsbly phasing out the 40gb to get the new 80 gb.

Playstation Man3705d ago

Logic shows shortages + new product anticipation for the following week = poor PS3 sales this week.

Also, this is VGChartz, not NPD.

jwatt3705d ago

Yea they're out of stock of the 40 gig at amazon.

Playstation Man3705d ago

"In stock August 7"

There you go, proof of the 40GB shortages.

actas1233705d ago

Wow. I can't believe ppl are still buying this vgcharts garbage.

Genesis53705d ago

I will go out on a limb and say those numbers are not even close.

morganfell3705d ago

Ridiculous because the 80GB is in stock and it is ranked above the 40GB.

VGChartz once again will be dead wrong and once again will offer no explanation for their idiocy. Once again they will release their made up figures and once again someone will approve another ridiculous story.

Fox013705d ago

If you claim shortages for PS3 then you should do the same for the 360, since we all know a new model, will be released this fall (or earlier, I can't remeber).

DarK-SilV3705d ago

The number that VGchart reported for June is 320k, when NPD number(405k) came there was 70k deference between NPD and Vgchart
Overestimate x360 number and underestimate ps3 number

Violater3705d ago

And go play some games people.

boodybandit3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I have been playing SCIV since I got in from work. I just dropped by here to see if there was anything interesting going on.

*looks around* Guess not.
Oh well off to bed I go. ;-)

mrlakadaddy3705d ago

have the 60 gb, arcade and elite at my local circuit city at gate way mall. however there were no ps3's

Bangladesh3705d ago

No one should worry about anything (360 or ps3)when VGChartz is behind the numbers. They admit to only getting 5% of their data from retail, and it's still a mystery how they come up with the European numbers. If numbers are important to you, then the only numbers that should be taken even remotely serious are NPD(N.A.), Charttrack (Europe), and MediaCreate (Japan). These are the same tracking services that the "big 3" themselves use.

Here is the VGChartz write up in which they state that only 5% of their data comes from retail.

juuken3705d ago

VG Chartz fails so hard. I bet those numbers are wrong AGAIN.

Sarick3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

At several things happened that could have changed the course of sales. Some of them could've been based on E3 or other factors.

#1 Microsoft announced a price reduction.

Effect on #1: price reductions almost always increase sales for a short while as everyone waiting decides the price is right. If this is the sweet spot they've been waiting for time it's to go pick one up in anticipation. This still wouldn't explain the -25% overall sales from the previous week. Unless the demand for the 360 after the price reduction is losing steam at an incredible rate.

#2 Sony announced an updated PS3 in advance that is improved over the 40gb models for the same price.

Effect on #2: People are more likely to wait a few months knowing that a better model will be available in a few months for the same price. If they've waited this long for a PS3 a few more months won't hurt. Overall lowering sales as a result of this announcement.

So you see 2 big announcements could've helped cause this reaction. In the 360 side it's likely to improve sales. On the PS3 side it's likely to hurt sales. I believe the Sony announcement was counterproductive and should've been delayed till the new PS3 was closer to launch.

Other factors for 360 such as the new interface avatars and movie streaming could also have spurred interest. The netflix downloads at no extra charge is very interesting.

As for the PS3 the FF13 could've swayed a few people to the 360 side. Another noteworthy mention is surge of MGS4 units beginning to slow down with the decreased demand.

I don't know about these so called PS3 shortages or really care about these estimates. I'm just bringing up a few things that *might* have caused a change the demands for both the 360 and PS3. Hopefully this will be acknowledged as neutral opinion not something to argue over.

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psnCAShville_6153705d ago

jeez thats the ps3 really suck that bad!! if this continues we will never catch up to xbox...holy crap man im speechless!! what is so good about the 360 ? are they counting the repair models to ? idk but thas fked up

Nathaniel_Drake3705d ago

So I'm guessing you think the 360 is killing the PS3 everywhere else in the world, try again :)

dro3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

but just to let u know the 40gig ps3 will not be selling as much because the new 80gig is coming in.still good job to the 360 even tho vgc is not accurate

KingME3705d ago

The new 60 gig 360 is coming out and some people I'm sure are holding out for that one instead of buying the 299.99 20 gig model.

paracardium3705d ago

Waiting on the 80 gig ps3.. Shouldn't announce stuff like that 4 months before it's released lol.

Cyrus3653705d ago

Appearently 40 gig models (Currently the only ones available) were in short supply, and the 80 gig MGS 4 models were reintroduced this week (With better supply) so expect PS3 to do better next weeks "reports".