America First America Only (Resistance 2 Viral) update

The other Resistance viral website had a recent update and it most noticeably shows an Article of Capelli. And if course new hidden objects.

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Overr8ed3667d ago

how is this not approved?

cahill3667d ago

some people are off the site now. let them come in

shine13963667d ago

R2 is going to be supported with a big marketing budget...

BobDog3667d ago

well, its like a week old, lol

arakouftaian3667d ago

i got a portfolio whit a poster n etc it was cool n nice from sony

maggotmx3667d ago

yeah man i did poster has been on my wall since then. I have it with the chimera skull side showing =D

arakouftaian3667d ago

document control number ? let me know if u did , Thanks...

cmrbe3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Good read as well. It feels real. The depth of the story of this game is going to be something else. It will have a cult following.

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