Shenmue 3 Rumor Proven Fake

The always cheerful folks over at NeoGAF have come clean and admitted that the image was a hoax. Why do people toy with our emotions when it comes to Shenmue 3? The world may never know. Until Sega makes an official announcement, we must wait patiently.

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Poor Xbots3701d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots ,why do I say so many things that makes you look foolish, and you still support M$?

Poor Xbots

RememberThe3573701d ago

thats f*cking sad... NeoGAF already make them selves look like asses, I guess they're addicted to it.

bisonplayer173701d ago

Actually, they made everyone else look like asses...

Aclay3701d ago

Sega has already said there isn't going to be a Shenmue 3 in that video interview with Kotaku that was on N4G last week or 2 weeks ago.

iggypop1233701d ago

neogf is always behind the trash from the internet

TheColbertinator3701d ago

What the hell,Sega?Shenmue 3!!

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