AIAS President: 'Game Reviewers Are Lazy'

Shacknews reports: "Speaking on the current state of video game journalism and criticism, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences president Joseph Olin has expressed his belief that "game reviewers are lazy" due to a reliance on scores and the desire to review a game quickly.

"When I just see a score, whether it's a Metacritic score or 5 stars or 4 thumbs, that doesn't tell me anything," Olin told Shacknews during an extensive interview, to be published in full at a later date. "I am never surprised when there's as much as a 40% or 50% variance between Metacritic numbers and user numbers."

"My pet peeve is that game reviewers are lazy," he said. "Not all, but in terms of the reviews [something like] 'This game isn't as good because let's compare it to that game over there and that game was great.' Who gives a, you know, bleep?"

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Real Gambler3706d ago

Luckily, Metatcritic scores are weighted. Still, there's only about 3 or 4 good reviewers out there. And sure enough, getting a 10 and a 4 for the same game definitively doesn't make sense...

BrotherNick3706d ago

I like when they just tell me how the game is.

spectyre3706d ago

that reviewers are more jaded than lazy.