Game Planet Review: PixelJunk Eden


''I don't know if any of you have studied organic chemistry at any point in your life, but if you're anything like me you'll probably find it all pretty repulsive.

To be honest, I'm simply not interested in learning about stems and stamens, egg fertilisation and pollination.. really it's a bit like the inner workings of the digestive system. Sure, it's complicated and ultimately necessary for our continued existence, but I'm quite happy to continue through life completely oblivious to the billions of bacteria fornicating in my lower abdomen.

Q-Games, however, have taken the concept of organic reproduction and applied it to the home entertainment market.

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thor3557d ago

It seems a very positive review for an 8/10. Though I suppose, 8/10 used to be a great score, before 7/10 turned into "average". And I think downloadable games are always rated in the 7-9 range if they are good, because no one can justify giving a 10 to an, in essence, half-game (ie not a full blown production).

RememberThe3573557d ago

...until it stopped and said the I had to get the full game to keep playing :( I wanted to keep playing so bad... It's so damn colorful and simple!

SlyGuy3556d ago

this is the one part that REALLY frustrates me:

"Falling isn't good. Falling and missing every single thing on the way down is worse, and it will happen."

Seems to happen to me way too often and it pisses me off tremendously. Oh well, at least I still have to finish Pixeljunk Monsters Encore.

bunbun7773555d ago

Well from what I understand from playing the Demo 5 times (just wipe out your saved file, then start over!) there's only falling, and then there's running out of time, which incidentally- coincides with falling too much. If you can't learn to not fall - then how are you going to get past those flying circle shield things that shoot stuff at you? But don't worry if all you like to do is watch and not play- there will be some amazing videos uploaded soon of peeps going to town on this. Closest to dancing I've seen in a videogame--- I LOVE IT = )