E3's Over; Where Do Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Stand?

As E3 2008 fades into the sunset, gamers have begun to move on as well. A week's worth of conferences, previews, opinions, and forum ranting has given way to the usual ebb and flow of industry news and prognostication. While much has been written about all three hardware companies, both positive and negative, not enough attention has been given to the fact that all of them suffer from an inconsistent message.

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DFresh3708d ago

As of now Nintendo stands as a casual game machine maker and not a hardcore gamer machine anymore.
Microsoft stands as a hardcore gamer machine maker and a rip off in the long run when it comes to competing w/ Sony. I have only seen multiplatform games from the 360 and with the exception of FFXIII going to the 360 also they just seem to play it safe.
Sony did above average at their show and showed some new IPs never before seen by the public that blew people away.
I still thought that no one performed at their best and Leipegez Confernce is gonna be insane.
Sony has 12 unannounced games they plan to show on top of their show for games and another 12 involving their game machines.